Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BeerKada Christmas Party (soon)

I've been planning this activity for almost a month, well, atleast it seems that my plans are feasible enough..
I've already called the receptionist to check out the rates of this resort.. I've been wanting to do this Christmas party at Antipolo, ( Loreland Farm and Resort), rates are far cheaper than the other resorts, I checked their site online, guess what? Tree House for only 1500 bucks, cheap right?? But the amenities are only tables and chairs though you can borrow their grill... Enough of that..


What: Beerkada Christmas Party/Swimming
Where: DJ Paradise Resort and Hotel
When: Dec 20-21, 2008
Meeting place: Dunkin Donuts Baliwag Station, 2nd ave. Rizal avenue.
Time: 5pm sharp
Chip in: Php 1000
**Includes Private ROOM and bamboo cottages, food and drinks..


Private Room:
Php 2,016
Bamboo cottage: Php 1500
Entrance Fee: Php 1500
Fare: (back and forth) Php 1100
Food: Worth Php 3400
Total: Php 9500

Private Room:

They also have this Wave Pool, Kiddie Pool, Mega Pool, Cascade Pool, Saudi Pool and Private Pool, (where I am planning to play the games)

Alright...That's it for now..


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