Sunday, February 1, 2009

Eeeekk.... A Baby Boy!!

After several months of waiting, atlast, Jes called me up and told me Marc's at the hospital. WHew, I was so excited that I was absent for work that day, the hell I care, I'll be seeing the baby..

Last July 6, 2008, Xave, me, Tanya, Mike and Jes visited Marc's new born cute little baby at Novaliches. (sorry, i forgot the name of the Hospital..)


Little Yuri, (as what her mom wants to call him) was born the same day, July 6, 2008 (correct me if I'm wrong) through normal delivery. I was really excited to see Marc and the baby for some various reasons. I wanted to see if the baby got his mum's eyes, or nose, or Lips, or whatever.!!


The excitement is overflowing as we took pictures at the nursery room.. Hmm.. God is really magnificent!
Ultimately, seeing Yuri and Marc was great - I am now able to see that the baby utterly looks like his dad trix.. :glee:


I think for Marc, It was truly an experience worth having and worth enjoying. The feeling of becoming a mother.


Laughter can wipe a million tears away...


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