Pearl Farm, Samal Island

a world-class beach resort in Samal Island off the coast of Davao City. A perfect place for couples and honeymooners

White Island, Camiguin

a white sand bar and ideal for swimming.

Snorkeling at Balicasag

After Dolphin watching, the best thing to do is to swim and snorkel at Balicasag Island.

The majestic Cagbalete Island, Quezon

A simple island that offers peaceful and relaxing weekend getaway.

Cagayan de Oro

Experience the thrill of White Water Rafting at Cagayan de Oro with Kagay

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hary Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the 7th and the Final novel of the series authored by JK Rowling. Movie was released last November 18. I just watched it yesterday..Movie was really dark and bloody! hehe..

Harry and Hermione's kissing scene is what i like the best.. I've always wanted them to be together eversince book 1, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone.. Never thought the she and Ron will be together in the end.. hmm.
I'll be waiting for the next part of this movie.. Can't wait for Voldemort to be defeated even he's using old Dumbledore's wand..

Jera Spring Resort

Last saturday, we went to Pansol Laguna for the Resource Planning department team building ( this is actually my first time to join them) and to celebrate Rob's birthday! (yohoo!)

We rented Jera's spring Resort, located at Solemar del Pansol Subdivision, Laguna. The resort has a lot of amenities to be used. It has a large pool, with children's infinity pool, 4 rooms, 2 bathrooms, shower rooms, 2 cabanas, Videoke, Billiard Table, Refrigerator, Stove, Grill, Tables and chairs and a Parking lot good for 4 vehicles!

I believe the price to rent this place is extra expensive compared to other resorts in Pansol Laguna..

The caretaker also told us that AngeL Locsin always rents' the place to swim.. (it could be their marketing strategy..hehe), it could be true, why not!

This is the Pool..

And one of the 4 rooms..

and the Amenities..

For those interested, call them at (049) 502-5760 or 0920-9102835.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Loreland Farm Resort

Last sunday we went to Loreland Farm Resort located in Antipolo, Rizal. The resort is good for Family gatherings, seminars and reception for weddings. They also have a lot of amenities to use, from Videoke's to volleyball court to billiard tables. Kids will surely love the playground and the kiddie pool!

Rooms and Cottages are affordable, ranges from 500 to 3500.. They also have a lot of stunning swimming pools. And I like the pool with the floating nipa hut. I'll make sure that we'll rent that hut next time.


Entrance fee is 150 pesos per person. Everyone will surely enjoy this place.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

U.T.O.T.M.O.P.I.N.K giveaway

This is to thank Mrs.Kolca for the super-cute-i-can't-believe-I-won-the giveaway Hello Kitty notebook and pens. I received the package aired by Air21 one afternoon while I was doing the laundry!

I opened it smiling as soon as the thing arrived since this is the very first time I ever received a package and won a prize..She even wrote a note for me.

I will never ever really forget this awesome experience. Again thank you ma'am!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lost Nokia Cellphone

Yesterday, I was in a hurry going to LRT station when I stumbled upon a cheap looking Nokia cellphone. Haha!! Old school phone that I don't even know the model of it.

I waited for like 5 minutes for someone to claim it but no one asked me or showed up. I'm in a hurry since I'll be meeting someone at SM Manila to get the Slimming Coffee I purchased online.

Out of curiosity, I've read some messages though there is no information about the person who owned the phone.

Here's the pic: Maybe someone will claim this but if none, I'll be using this as an extra phone.. teehee!!

Civil Service Examination Results April 2010


Within the last couple of months, I was totally excited to know the results of the Civil Service Examination (CSC) that took place last April 2010.

I'll post the lists of the passers as soon as we received the results.. For the meantime, you can go to for any announcements.

You can also check different vacancies on that site..

photo from

Friday, July 9, 2010

Syry Onlines First Giveaway

All of you girlies will surely love to have these babies!!

Louise wants to share what she already have to all of us, and this is her First ever giveaway and for sure everyone will love to have it.

Prize includes:

Maybelline Watershine Collagen Shimmer C33

3 Workshop Frosted Nail Polishes

2 Workshop Lipsticks

Workshop Lipliner

Workshop Palette (With E/S & L/S)

Mascara Guard

6 Clinique Samples

Olay Total Effects

2 Coconaturelle VCO Oatmeal Soaps

1 VCO "O Marks" Brand (Not in Picture)


2 secret ITEMS. *surprise* depends where the winner is from.
Just click on the link for more infomation

Charlotte's First Giveaway

Baby Charlotte, you really are a darling to your Mom and Dad. You're so cute, sweet and bubbly. For sure you'll grow up like a real princess. 
Her name is Jillian Ira and she is 2 years old.
I want her to be like you and we would love to fix her hair with those cute little headbands, clips and tiaras you offer to all of us this month..

Both of us are hoping to get something special this month..

To those who want to win this cute prize, just click this link..

Everyone is entitled to win this stuff!!Join now!

Tacloban City

I opened my eyes and finally we safely arrived at D.Z Romualdez Airport. We immediately went off, rode a Jeep going to Town Proper and look for a restaurant to satisfy our hungry stomachs!

This is a photo taken while looking for some restaurants with something really edible to eat..

Too bad, we were not able to see any.. thanks to Jollibee Tacloban for a really satisfying breakfast.. hmmm.

My first experience with Zest Air:

I know this post is too late, I just want to share this to all..

My first experience with Zest Air was *okay*. Flight trip was bound to Tacloban, from 4:30am-5:30am, a one hour trip down to the South. Bought the ticket for Php 1999 each. Their service was fine, no Zest-O or peanut giveaways. They were busy selling Zest Air stuffs like t-shirts and bags.

They were somehow strict with baggage, they confiscated a lot of lotions, perfumes and wines. Good thing I was able to stuck my toiletries somewhere! haha!!

It's really nice if you're seated next to the window. You'll see a lot of scenic view from above..

Philippines is really one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. No questions about that.

 Thank you Zest Air for my first time flight experience..

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Robert James Reid: PBB teen clash Big Winner

And the Pinoy Big Brother (teen clash edition) winner is..

Rober James Reid. Half-Australian, Half-Filipino.

Second Place goes to..
Bang Hyun Sung aka Ryan. Korean.
Sad but true, Fretzie, Filipino, got the 3rd place, in her own country. :)
In my opinion, ang pogi ni James reid. Poging bata. hehe
(photos courtesy of

PLM School Year 2010

Note: This post should have been publish last June 12.

Enrollment now on going.

It was raining hard last June 10, from SM City Manila, I rode the 3 wheel bicycle (haha. nice term) going to Intramuros, and paid Php45. ($1)

Went to Graduate School of Management, fill up some forms then went to SIS.

A lot of students were busy waiting on the line just to get their registration form and I am one of them. I actually waited for an hour just to know that I can just go inside and give my form. Oh well!

I went to the Cashier's Office, paid Php *,000 and enrolled 2 subjects (6 units). Production/Operations Management and Marketing Principles and Dynamics. After that, I went to the registrar's office and got 2 classcards to be given on the first day of class.

Looking forward to my Second Semester. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

COSMO BODY: A safe way to lose weight

Yeah, I think losing weight needs a lot of discipline. I don't think I have it. I want to try, but I can't.
Just so you know, I was asked by my doctor to lose weight.. ( am I bothered??)..

So, I found the safest way for me (to try) to lose weight. ( I wish..)

I'll be trying this next week. I already bought their trial pack and will be taking this after fiesta! haha..
I'll be going to Southern Leyte this week and it seems I need to pig out a lot coz I need to be on diet after that..

Friday, June 4, 2010

Google Adsense PIN

I just came home and was pretty tired from work that day but when I saw a white envelope in front of me!!!waaaa.. I'm so excited!!♥

I was already losing hope but I kept my patience and waited..
My Google Adsense PIN has finally arrived!!

I've been expecting this letter for the past couple of weeks. Maybe it was delayed because it came all the way from US going to the Philippines.

A bit of information regarding Google PIN. Adsense will be sending out this PIN for bloggers who've reached $10 earnings.
Just sit back and relax, you're PIN's will be sent out soon!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Last month, our Team won the reliability challenge by getting less that 5% absenteeism. We actually won Php8000 and invited friends from other team to join us for Lunch.


 We went to Glorietta and ate at TGI Fridays!

I so love Jack Daniel's Burger and Fries!!

And some Appetizers!!

Friday's trademark is white and red with a vintage touch. Waiters are beautifuly dressed up with funny looking hats and colorful attire! Food was great and i think its definitely one of my best dining experience.

(TL monnie)

 Take a Big Bite at Fridays!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Aguas Azules, Angono Rizal

Aguas Azules is one of the best public pool resorts I've ever been in Angono Rizal. Its way past ThunderBird resort, ( a good place as well, pretty expensive though). Gab's 3rd birthday was celebrated here and we really had a blast. We were over 40 people and we really enjoyed our stay here.

  Kids will surely love the slides.

Everyone will definitely love to watch sunset here.

Entrance Fee is Php180 only.
I suggest you bring your own transportation when going here coz its a bit far from the highway..
Overall satisfaction is 100%

I posted more photos! Check this out! :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tree Top Adventure

Experience once in a lifetime journey to an unspoiled forest in Subic. Tree top Adventure offers different packages that ranges from Php100 up to Php700.

We availed Package A that includes:

Jungle Survival..

We were educated on how to survive in the jungle and turn a bamboo into useful things. We also taught on how to start a fire without using anything at all.
a pic with the tour guide

awesome fire.

Jungle Trekking..
We spent almost an hour serene walk inside this virgin forest. It's tiresome but its all worth the experience.

We also experienced drinking water from a Bamboo!

these leaves were said to be used by soldiers as an effective way to camouflage for defense.

group pic in a gigantic tree

I'd love to go back here sometime next year. I'll make sure i'll bring my teammates for teambuilding.

Overall cost:

P400 for Package B.

300 cab (divided by 4)

Equals: Once in a lifetime experience with nature.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Election 2010

Election is over. After few minutes of waiting just to exercise my right to vote, I felt stressed and relieved. Stressed on thinking who will be the next President of the Philippines and relieved coz' I voted for the person I believe is capable in ruling the country.
Yesterday, 4 Presidential Candidates conceded to Noynoy Aquino III, whom I believe will the 15th President of the Phillipine Government.

These are some pics i tookfrom our Precint while waiting for them to find my name, which is really easy to find coz' i'm on the first page.

Probably, most of the people voted earlier than me. I arrived 2pm. :)

PCOS machine (powered by Smartmatic)

Honestly, I voted for G** simply because I believe he is more competent and credible. And everybody should think about voting for the right person because of competency rather than voting because of survey polls and emotions.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Meat Plus Cafe

One of the best thing you can do in Subic is to eat at Meat Plus Cafe. They offer wide variety of foods from hamburger steak to huge slabs of steaks with yummy sauce.
We had a hard time finding Meat Plus Cafe coz' we came from Seorabeol Hotel. We walked for almost an hour just to find this cafe. No kiddin'! After all its near Puregold Duty Free..But it's all worth it after I've tasted this Baby Back Ribs..

Meals are a little bit pricey. I spent 800 bucks for 2 meals and 2 drinks only..

Located at:
Samson Road, Subic Bay,
Freeport Zone, Olongapo City
(047) 2527091

Zoobic Safari

Atlast, we arrived at the SBMA gate so tired and sweaty. A taxi driver came near and asks us for P350 pesos payment for Zoobic Safari. We said yes coz' we just don't want to waste time looking for a cheaper one. All we want is 3 hours of close encounter with nature (and the tigers..). .

First you'll be paying P400 for the entrance fee plus P50 for the train ride.

The safari guide will first explain the attractions and will ride along the tourists as they surprised themselves with how great the nature works.

This is the train that you'll be riding for the rest of the trip.. (Php50)

Feeding the tigers..
I told my friends not to buy chicken coz' we'll just tag along with others. Unfortunately, no one even dared to buy a chicken that is worth 200 bucks. So, Roge, thanks for the chicken. :)

Close encounter with tigers.
We went to the zoobic park and Savannah to observe the animals. We haven't even had the chance to go down the train. But you'll see different animals like deers, wild boar, ostrich, ducks and many more..
Next stop is Serprentaruim.. of course, what else to see?!


Next stop is CrocoLoco!! (this pic is for CrocoCafe. :))
You'll be walking over the steel walkway to view hundreds of crocodiles..

Next stop is the Aeta Trail wherein they will entertain you with their war dance and monkey dance.

Rodent World..

Overall satisfaction and entertainment is 100%. I'd love to go back here if given a chance again.
Budget for this trip:
Taxi (two-way) P700 (it'll be cheaper if you're on a group)
Zoobic Safari Entrance: P425
Train fee: P50
Drinks: 40
For more information regarding Zoobic Safari click this link.

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