Saturday, March 27, 2010

Zoobic Safari

Atlast, we arrived at the SBMA gate so tired and sweaty. A taxi driver came near and asks us for P350 pesos payment for Zoobic Safari. We said yes coz' we just don't want to waste time looking for a cheaper one. All we want is 3 hours of close encounter with nature (and the tigers..). .

First you'll be paying P400 for the entrance fee plus P50 for the train ride.

The safari guide will first explain the attractions and will ride along the tourists as they surprised themselves with how great the nature works.

This is the train that you'll be riding for the rest of the trip.. (Php50)

Feeding the tigers..
I told my friends not to buy chicken coz' we'll just tag along with others. Unfortunately, no one even dared to buy a chicken that is worth 200 bucks. So, Roge, thanks for the chicken. :)

Close encounter with tigers.
We went to the zoobic park and Savannah to observe the animals. We haven't even had the chance to go down the train. But you'll see different animals like deers, wild boar, ostrich, ducks and many more..
Next stop is Serprentaruim.. of course, what else to see?!


Next stop is CrocoLoco!! (this pic is for CrocoCafe. :))
You'll be walking over the steel walkway to view hundreds of crocodiles..

Next stop is the Aeta Trail wherein they will entertain you with their war dance and monkey dance.

Rodent World..

Overall satisfaction and entertainment is 100%. I'd love to go back here if given a chance again.
Budget for this trip:
Taxi (two-way) P700 (it'll be cheaper if you're on a group)
Zoobic Safari Entrance: P425
Train fee: P50
Drinks: 40
For more information regarding Zoobic Safari click this link.


gothichiqui said...

your blog on zoobic was very helpful in making our decision to go there this thursday (june 10) final. I was just worried that i might get disappointed so, i searched the net for blogs on the subject. yours was the most helpful. thanks so much!

gothichiqui said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aicute said...

Wow. thanks! for sure you'll enjoy your trip to Subic! Don't forget to check out treetop adventure as well. :)

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