Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Election 2010

Election is over. After few minutes of waiting just to exercise my right to vote, I felt stressed and relieved. Stressed on thinking who will be the next President of the Philippines and relieved coz' I voted for the person I believe is capable in ruling the country.
Yesterday, 4 Presidential Candidates conceded to Noynoy Aquino III, whom I believe will the 15th President of the Phillipine Government.

These are some pics i tookfrom our Precint while waiting for them to find my name, which is really easy to find coz' i'm on the first page.

Probably, most of the people voted earlier than me. I arrived 2pm. :)

PCOS machine (powered by Smartmatic)

Honestly, I voted for G** simply because I believe he is more competent and credible. And everybody should think about voting for the right person because of competency rather than voting because of survey polls and emotions.


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