Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tree Top Adventure

Experience once in a lifetime journey to an unspoiled forest in Subic. Tree top Adventure offers different packages that ranges from Php100 up to Php700.

We availed Package A that includes:

Jungle Survival..

We were educated on how to survive in the jungle and turn a bamboo into useful things. We also taught on how to start a fire without using anything at all.
a pic with the tour guide

awesome fire.

Jungle Trekking..
We spent almost an hour serene walk inside this virgin forest. It's tiresome but its all worth the experience.

We also experienced drinking water from a Bamboo!

these leaves were said to be used by soldiers as an effective way to camouflage for defense.

group pic in a gigantic tree

I'd love to go back here sometime next year. I'll make sure i'll bring my teammates for teambuilding.

Overall cost:

P400 for Package B.

300 cab (divided by 4)

Equals: Once in a lifetime experience with nature.


Anonymous said...

i love the canopy ride!

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