Tuesday, June 8, 2010

COSMO BODY: A safe way to lose weight

Yeah, I think losing weight needs a lot of discipline. I don't think I have it. I want to try, but I can't.
Just so you know, I was asked by my doctor to lose weight.. ( am I bothered??)..

So, I found the safest way for me (to try) to lose weight. ( I wish..)

I'll be trying this next week. I already bought their trial pack and will be taking this after fiesta! haha..
I'll be going to Southern Leyte this week and it seems I need to pig out a lot coz I need to be on diet after that..


Marice said...

thanks for the visit sis! I am your latest follower.

Jake Snow said...

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Tsina said...

wow. let us know how safe it gets.=)

bridget said...

Did your doctor recommend COSMO Body?

BTW, added your blog. Let's link exchange!

Mrs. Kolca said...

Hi! You won my giveaway. Congratulations!

Please contact me soon. Visit back the giveaway page, so you'll know what to do. Wink*

Au said...

Sis! Thanks for the link exchange ^_^

How's Cosmo Body working out for you? Update naman, interested rin ako hehe

Best way to lose weight said...

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