Friday, June 4, 2010

Google Adsense PIN

I just came home and was pretty tired from work that day but when I saw a white envelope in front of me!!!waaaa.. I'm so excited!!♥

I was already losing hope but I kept my patience and waited..
My Google Adsense PIN has finally arrived!!

I've been expecting this letter for the past couple of weeks. Maybe it was delayed because it came all the way from US going to the Philippines.

A bit of information regarding Google PIN. Adsense will be sending out this PIN for bloggers who've reached $10 earnings.
Just sit back and relax, you're PIN's will be sent out soon!!


Liz said...

Goodluck in earning. More earning tips here: Make More Money Online

Chyng said...

ayos! Ü

vivapinay said...

Wow good for you.. sis you mean ba USD 10 or USD 100?

Jen said...

waaahhh! i don't even have a single cent in my adsense account. buti ka pa sis may at least $10 na. ano ba gagawin ko para kumita sa adsense na ito?

Mrs. Kolca said...

Hi! You won my giveaway. Congratulations!

Please contact me soon. Visit back the giveaway page, so you'll know what to do. Wink*

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