Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lost Nokia Cellphone

Yesterday, I was in a hurry going to LRT station when I stumbled upon a cheap looking Nokia cellphone. Haha!! Old school phone that I don't even know the model of it.

I waited for like 5 minutes for someone to claim it but no one asked me or showed up. I'm in a hurry since I'll be meeting someone at SM Manila to get the Slimming Coffee I purchased online.

Out of curiosity, I've read some messages though there is no information about the person who owned the phone.

Here's the pic: Maybe someone will claim this but if none, I'll be using this as an extra phone.. teehee!!


LHEY said...

Akin na lang, LOL! :)

maricar said...

buhay pa un ai.. kala ko ba u'll gonna giv it to Manong anu b name nun??

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