Monday, May 23, 2011

Pahiyas Festival 2011

Pahiyas Festival is celebrated every May 15th by people of Lucban, Quezon. It is their way of thanksgiving for a good harvest. Each house was decorated by colorful fruits, vegetables, and rice wafers or Kiping. Usually, after the festival, those Kipings that were used as decoration will be cooked as rice chips.

kiping or rice wafers

Last May 15, 2011, I joined a group of pexers and friends to enjoy the Pahiyas Festival. We rented 2 vans since we are a group of 16.Meeting place was at Jollibee, Shaw by 3am.

We arrived at Lucban around 6:30am so we went to Kamay ni Hesus first to attend the mass.
(but this is a different story)

So after Kamay ni Hesus, we proceed directly to enjoy the Pahiyas Festival. Adorned with decorations, every house was worth the honor to be recognized for creativity.

Enjoying Pahiyas Festival

Around noon time, after going to Lucban Church and eating some free small servings of Pansit Habhab, we were so hungry and a lot of people were already eating. We don't have any place to eat or even sit. We decided to check Buddy's but its already close. Good thing I found Cafe San Luis. :)

After taking a lot of pictures, we then proceeded to see the Float parade. We waited for almost 2 hours but they were still unprepared. So I went to the next street to check the carabao parade.

Around 4pm, we gathered around Cafe Milagrosa before departure. This is my first time to enjoy Pahiyas Festival and will surely go back.


Michelle Solee said...

i hope i can experience Pahiyas Festival too!

Michelle Solee said...

i've tagged you on this post.

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