Thursday, May 5, 2011

Polillo Islands

Polillo Islands, as I may say is really far from Metro Manila. It's a 4 hour Bus or Van ride and almost 3 hours of boat ride coming from Real Port to Polilio Island. We were informed by our host that electricity is only available from 2pm to 6am.

Even if its tiring, I had an amazing weekend getaway with some Pexers and friends.

Here is our Trip Itinerary:

0300 ETD Manila (Raymond Bus Terminal, Legarda)
0700 ETA Real port, ETD Real port
1000 ETA Port of Polilio to house (Brgy. Fatima)
1100 LUNCH
1200 Snorkeling then go straight to Bocao Beach
1800 Wash-up
1900 DINNER/Socials
2200 Sleeping time

May 2

0700 Beach Swimming
1000 Pack-up/Preparation
1100 LUNCH / prepare for departure
1200 travel to Port of Polilio.
1300 ETD Polilio Island
1600 ETA Real Port
ETD Real port to Manila (options: van and Bus)
2100 ETA Manila

this is the boat going to Polillo Islands

taken while snorkeling ( we need to rent 2 boats )

Bocao Beach

This is the place where we camped out, ate dinner (budol-budol style), set up our bonfire and drink a lot of vodka and brandy! We first introduced ourselves and how we joined the group. After getting to know each other stage, few personal questions were asked.

budol-budol style

Okay, everyone agreed, "what happens in Polillo stays in Polillo."

After drinking, lights out! Actually, flashlights out!
Too bad, it rained, I'm not sure if its heavy but I know my arms were wet while sleeping.

good morning!!

We woke up around 5:30 am, ate breakfast, few dips and photo ops, took our lunch, then we headed back to Manila.

My all in expenses = 1400 pesos, including a Polillo Island shirt! :)

Thanks to our hosts Sir Rowell and Barbs!!


blackshirt13 said...

Cool, you were able to capture a rainbow. =)

shegothim said...

nice. buti ka pa nakwento mo na itong trip natin. ako naka-hang pa rin sa blog ko itong polillo trip natin.

like the part what happened in polillo stays in polillo.

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