Thursday, May 5, 2011

Punto Miguel, Laiya Batangas

Local Resource Planning team held their Summer Outing at Punto Miguel, Laiya Batangas last April 16 - 17.
We rented a non airconditioned Jeepney worth Php 8500 pesos for 12 hours and additional 200 pesos of each hour after, pricey right? I can't imagine what we looked like since we almost had a 4 hour ride to Laiya.
We rented 2 Villa, 1 and 2 worth Php 6000 per overnight (with mezzanine), aircon, rate valid for 8 persons per villa. In excess of the 8 persons, additional Php300 per person, maximum of 12 persons per villa. Each villa has 2 double deck double-size beds on the ground floor for the 8 persons and 2 double-size bed mattress sets on the mezzanine level for the 4 persons. Own toilet and bath.

I was actually expecting to see really nice white sands,shoreline and clean beach. When we went there, a lot of boats were docked on their shore. I can't help but compare this beach to Munting Buhangin, which I think for me is way way too nice than this beach. I maybe bias, because last week I went to Panglao Bohol, which I think I need to blog too.

Punto Miguel's shoreline were short, next to them is Sigayan Bay and Paseo Verde. Few trashes on the beach comes with lot of seaweeds and dead corals. I tried to stay positive and relax, enjoy the day with the team, drink a lot of tanduay ice, beer and tequila, and had FUN!

I'm in no place to complain, this trip is FREE!!


You can also check Residencia Laiya for group accomodation! Best for team buildings and large groups! :)


liezljfk said...

I've been there, too. 2 years ago pa ata. It's nice naman nga... :) Visiting from GT.

MissKatv said...

nice photos deary. thanks for sharing :) BTW, nice blog. oh, I'm having my birthday giveaway.
You can check it here:
Misskatv's Birthday Giveaway!

Kat :)

Anonymous said...

hala ng doubt tuloy ako sa pagpunta namin dun ngaung darating na may.. hmm maayos na kaya facilities nila ngaun 2012? xD suggest naman po kayo maganda yet affordable na beach resort sa batangas.. ung mga kaprice lng po ng punto miguel ^_^ ty po in advance

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