Pearl Farm, Samal Island

a world-class beach resort in Samal Island off the coast of Davao City. A perfect place for couples and honeymooners

White Island, Camiguin

a white sand bar and ideal for swimming.

Snorkeling at Balicasag

After Dolphin watching, the best thing to do is to swim and snorkel at Balicasag Island.

The majestic Cagbalete Island, Quezon

A simple island that offers peaceful and relaxing weekend getaway.

Cagayan de Oro

Experience the thrill of White Water Rafting at Cagayan de Oro with Kagay

Friday, December 28, 2012

PHEWTICK Application: is it LEGIT or SCAM?

Alright so last night, my friend Leo was talking about this crazy app (he got this info from his friend who lives in Singapore) and asked me to join and earn some moolah! Interesting right? But i totaly forgot to download it!

So earlier, everyone here, who uses smartphone has downloaded PHEWTICK! my gawd, they already earned like Php200 for just one night. Now, that is something..$$$$

All you need to do is meet new friends, scan QR codes using your smartphone then record it. Voila! Instant money!!

photo credits: phewtick

Here's are some useful photo's for first timers! (yes, i downloaded it immediately after seeing them earning $$$$!!


  Upon downloading, you will be asked to connect your PHEWTICK to your facebook account.

You will be using the camera button to scan QR codes to your friend's mobile! And you can scan their QR codes every hours, yes, you heard me! Every hour!!!

You can also send messages to your friends.

You will see nearby meet-ups too!!

And i already earned Php199.45 since 7:00am today!

Now, if you scan QR codes without reaching an hour you will see this:

So we still need to wait for 4 more minutes!

OMG. I only got 22 points. Earlier, i was able to get 1400 points from the same person.

There are some questions that crossed my mind:

1. If you only need Phewtick to earn money, why bother to get a job? lol
2. What do they (Phewtick) get out of this, if they really pay?
3. How do they earn the money then?

More info:

1. I can't download Phewtick using my Tablet.
2. Points are randomly given.
3. You need a Paypal account to cash out ( again, if this is legit)

You can check their Facebook page, some really earns money!


 And some were mistakenly accused of Fraud! so beware! Do not join any Facebook groups that frauds the QR Codes!

Now, is PHEWTICK legit or a scam!?

We'll soon find out! :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Holiday 2012

Let us spread Love, peace and happiness this joyful season and may everyone make this world a beautiful place to live in!

Maid in the Philippines -- wishing everyone a Happy Holiday!

**photo credit:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I already blogged about how to apply for an SSS Unified ID and how to register and access your information using the SSS Website and your online account.(This is a late post!)

Alright so i already received my Unified SSS ID last September 26, 2012! And yes, it was mailed at my home address! No hassle!

Beware: Don't ever ever have your photo taken without even fixing your face! or else your SSS Unified ID will end up like mine! Nonetheless, I'm happy i got mine!

This can  be used as an Identification for SSS, Pag-Ibig Fund, GSIS and Philhealth!

Get yours now!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Salary Loan Early Renewal Program l SSS LOAN

Atlast, I just received my SLERP Check today! I filed it last week of August, check was generated last August 29 and it's already September 19. Holy cow!

Anyway, I'm still happy that I am a few bucks richer than yesterday! Too bad I forgo to bring my Passport ID so i can encash it trough Philippine National Bank (PNB). They're strict you know!

 I just had a Salary Loan that started last January 2012. With SLERP, i was able to renew my loan.
Computation would be,my last remaining balance from my Salary Loan was be deducted to my SLERP Loan, since i already have 74 contributions, it's quite okay for me.

For more SSS Information:

SSS ID: How to Apply and Get an SSS ID?

SSS Website and Membership Login

Share: SSS unveils calamity relief package for affected members

 Maid in the Philippines just got richer! lol



SSS Website and Membership Login

I already blogged about how to apply for an SSS ID. Now, I'll be giving a preview on their website and membership information. (always file for SSS Loan, money goes through my travel funds) hehehe.

SSS website: Just go to :
Membership Information: You need to register to access your account information.

Once you registered, you can type in your USERID and PASSWORD then click submit and you will be redirected to this page:

You will see your information like your name and SSSID, it will also give you a prompt for your password expiration date.

Now, if you click on UPDATE PROFILE, you will see this:

You can update your Address, City/Province, Postal Code, Contact number and Email Address.

Once you've updated your profile, you can now change your password.

Let's skip Online Inquiry for now.
If you click on Appointment system, you file for an appointment using the calendars. Red marks for Not available dates and Green for available dates.

For Transactions, you can choose Salary Loan Application, Maternity Notification or Submission of Contribution Collection List (H3)

Now, if you are having problems with your Loans, you can file for a Loan Condonation too.

Now, let's go back to Online Inquiry Tab.If you click on it, that's where you see your Static Information

You will see your SSS Number, Date of Birth, Date of Coverage, Latest employers name, Coverage etc.

Under Member Info, you can see your actual premiums, how much contributions you have!

You can also click on Benefits Tab, Loan Status to check for your past and present Loan.

You will see your details, date of check release, amount of Loan, type of Loan. I actually applied for the SLERP Loan (Salary Loan Early Renewal Program) the last time we had Habagat.

You can also check your Premium payments, Eligibility and Documents too.

Register now for more SSS updates! :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cebu- Bantayan Island - Bohol Escape l Yooneek Beach

We booked a room at YOONEEK Beach Resort. Yooneek Beach Resort is a 7-airconditioned rooms resort at the heart of Santa Fe, Bantayan Island. It offers superb picturesque  seaside of aquamarine waters, beautiful and pristine. One can have the perfect view of sunrise and sunset! You can read/view their website here: YOONEEK Beach Resort.

We reserved the Standard Room (Aircon, Balcony, Seaview), i saw in the website the price was 1690Php but when I called they said it's already 1890Php. No no! I'll get what i saw on the site so yes, they gave in. The room was good and clean. 2 queen sized bed, private CR and small kitchen. There's no TV inside the room but that's fine since we're here to enjoy the place.

bed number 1!

cooking not allowed!
I was disappointed. There was no 3G network. ahhaha. and not sure but Yooneek's wifi was not working. lol. Oh, never mind. I was surprised by the people's hospitality. The lady who accomodated us was really nice.

 It was 8:00pm when we decided to go out of the room and had our dinner. We ordered Beef Caldereta, Pork and Chicken Adobo, Crispy Liempo and 2 platters of rice! The food was also delicious and decent!

crispy liempo

beef caldereta
 After that, we got bought beers and crackers and we decided to drink by the sea. It was really cold that night. There were also huge waves since it was raining for the past couple of days. After we finished everything, off we go to bed.

yes, they're not gays

Haven't I indicated that I was confined at the hospital for 9 days? My back was still aching when I was on tour.
Early morning, we woke up and enjoyed the beach. I wasn't able to swim because again, my back still hurts and it was really cold that time. I just enjoyed my breakfast and coffee.

i know, this was edited from my iphone. my only picture. lol

By around 10:30am, Rick's cousins arrived with motorcycles since we planned we're gonna visit them. We hired motorcycles for 150 to bring us to their place. We had our lunch there too! Ohh i so love seafoods!!

Too bad we were not able to visit OGTONG cave.

By 2:00pm, we checked out since we need to catch the last boat going back to Cebu proper. lol. We paid almost 3500php all in including the accomodation and food expenses.

That was one helluvah ride! It was scarier than going to puerto galera. There were HUGE HUGE waves!! My gawd!

When we arrived, good thing there was CERES AIRCONDITIONED Bus of to North Bound Terminal. We also dropped by BOGO City to buy food and drinks for another 4 hour ride. I bought this (kakanin) made from corn and margarine steammed and wrapped in corn skin.

Oh well, I had so much fun!

For the first part of our Cebu-Bantayan-Bohol Tour click here! 

Cebu- Bantayan Island - Bohol Escape: 2012

Another promo fare from Cebu Pacific. I was sleeping (peacefully) when they called and told me that they booked me a flight to Cebu this coming June 30. Oh no! I still have my Davao-CDO-Camiguin tour to think about. And here comes, Cebu. BooO! I need a salary increase!! grrrr!
(that was last february)

Fast forward, today is August 22. (like everyone cares) Let's say it June. My manager (who booked me, can't make it. My supervisor was now pregnant can't make it too.) So its just me, eve, rick, glen and janice. (they're with me when we were stranded at Cagbalete)

Our flight is 10ish am. We arrived at NAIA terminal 3 at around 9:30am and used Cebu Pacific's self service check-in. Woo! That  was way way cooler than falling in line  to check in. lol. More wait, we charged (our phones), thanks NAIA! and went to the nearest you know store to smoke (w**ds). (of course not!stupid)
Alright, it was Glen's first time to ride the plane. lol. We enjoyed Cebu Pacific's game. (since they gave out prizes too bad they didn't called me to answer)  There was this man in front of us snoring. When it was time to answer the question he woke up and was called. booo!!!! damn!

what's going on?
So we arrived, (of course we did!) we hired a cab and dropped of at CnT Lechon restaurant. Cool. The taste of Cebuano. Lechon at its best! Ahaha.
We ordered a lot. Can't even remember what are those but we shell out 150 each. We're a group of 5.

cebu lechon at it's best
After our sumptous lunch, we immediately took another cab going to North Bus Terminal and took a read: NON-AIRCONDITIONED BUS to San Remigio. Awesome! As expected, it was a bumpy bumpy 4.5 hours ride! ( i was at the back seat ). As of this moment, i really don't want to imagine what i've been through!

By the time we arrived at the port, the last boat off to Hagnaya was leaving by the next 30mins. Just in the nick of time! It was getting dark and it started raining! The ride was scary. There were huge waves!! Boo!! The boat was 150 more or less as we were on the airconditioned room watching Katy Perry's concert. ahaha! Of course, don't forget the environmental fee!!

It was dark when we arrived at Bantayan. I texted the resort to inform of our arrival and they fetched us, and yes, it's free.

Yooneek Beach Resort, Bantayan Island.. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bonifacio High Street for the first time.

I traveled to some parts of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and I hate to admit it but yes, this is my first time here at Bonifacio High Street. I'm used to just going to Luneta Park! hahaha. ♥

I and anak were broke so we can't dine in to those expensive restaurant's like Texas Roadhouse Grill, or Mini Shabu-Shabu, or TGIF's that's why we decided to eat at BonChon. Yes!, the price is right!

Anak enjoyed her chicken sandwich box while i ordered the same old mix and match i've been eating for the past years. lol.

PS: There's something with mobile blogger that I don't know but i can't add notes below the last picture.

there's always a first time
so they have that here. lol

my food lol
Anak and her chicken sandwich box

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