Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cebu- Bohol Tour: Staying at Sugbutel

Soon as we arrived, we rode a cab going to SUGBUTEL ( I even remembered haggling for fare but, oh well, they were airport cabs.. so there. end of the story)..

I would really recommend everyone who's on a tight budget to stay at Sugbutel. I would say, affordable, practical and clean were the best words i can give when we stayed there for one night. Best for backpackers, or travelers whose on a Solo Trip. It is also near the Port Area and shopping district.

They have common CR, well mainted and really clean. They also have lounge area where you can watch TV.

Cost per night is 300 for Lower Bed with Curtains and 250 for Upper Bed. Pretty cheap right? It's practical since we just need a place to stay for the night, wash up and clean ourselves.

Each of us got our own Upper Beds! hahaha. We were on a tight budget and every peso counts!

Sugbutel also have early bird promos, 99php per bed if you book and pay 30 days in advanced!
Sugbutel Contacts numbers: (032) 2322888 and +63.917.725.1447
Please visit their website and click here: SUGBUTEL.


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