Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sherlock Holmes: Directors Club

Been giving the goverment 8 thousand bucks every month and this is what i got..a thousand for tax refund. lol.
alright, so i decided to make good use of this.
i'm here, like right now at SM Mall of Asia to watch Sherlock Holmes 2. Paid 700 for 2 Directors Club tickets. 70 for Potato Corner Fries ( i know im on a diet but i can't help it), 200 for a pack of Oat Bran at Healthy Options ( for my Dukan Diet) lol.
Back to Sherlock. Haven't watched it yet. Still waiting for the screening time. Making good use of the free wifi named "linksys" coz i can't connect to SM's free wifi. lol.


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