Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bohol Sea Tour

Again, we woke up 4:30am to prepare for our seatour. Everyone was excited and thrilled as we walked outside and waited for the banca to arrived at Dumaluan Beach. We were informed that we need to atleast look for Dolphins at around 5:30am.

It was already 6:00am but we found no Dolphins. There were a lot of boats roaming around  but still no dolphin show. We almost lost our patience when we suddenly saw not just one but a LOT of dolphins! Whew! That was an awesome show!

After the dolphin show, we went to Balicasag Island to snorkel.  We paid 300 pesos, for guide, use of snorkel and aqua shoes. I was amazed how the people kept those corals and fishes alive and healthy (like me!) 
snorkeling at balicasag
pic before my olympus tough died on me

it'll be easier if you put the pieces of bread inside a bottle of water

Snorkeling at Balicasag was tiring and made us hungry. We had "paluto" for lunch that costs us 800 pesos for 5 persons, not bad right? We had sinigang and grilled fish for lunch. Buko juice and Coke to quench our thirst!

Highlights: My Olympus Tough underwater camera died on me and I got a lot of scratches too!!

 sun kissed skins

After the feast, we went to Virgin Island. Twa's a hot and sunny summer and oh! no trees to be found on the island, only the gorgeous sandbar! So much for beachneering! That ends our Sea Tour.

We paid 1500 for the Sea Tour. lol


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