Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cebu City Tour

After bumming around Bohol, we need to go back to Cebu since this was our last day of our Cebu-Bohol Tour. We woke up at 7am to prepare. I was teary eyed  (haha!) when I went inside Kuya Tatsky's car. We rented him to take us back to Tagbilaran Port.

Upon arrival, we went straight to SM Cebu, they have this Tourist place wherein you can leave your luggages. Paid a couple of hundreds and we're good to go!

First stop, Mike really wanted to eat at CnT (they have this Famous Cebu Lechon), so we asked the Cab driver to take us there only to find out it was just across SM Cebu, dang! We paid the flag down rate and told the driver that he should've just told us that it was just infront SM Cebu!

So much of that, we went inside CnT, (then again) only to find out that their Cebu Lechon was already sold out! My gawd, how unfortunate! We decided to buy other dishes since we were really hungry that time. Food was so/so! Nothing special. I won't recommend CnT, oh, for the benefit, maybe they really have yummy Lechon which, i haven't tasted till now.

After Lunch, I went outside (to smoke), talk to some Cab drivers for City Tour. 1500 for City Tour, there where 5 of us, so i think that was cheap.

First we went to Fort San Pedro, nothing much to do there. We didn't paid the entrance fee, so we just took pictures outside.

Next we went to Magellans Cross, the ever famous cross just outside the Church. Took some pictures then we left the place.

After Magellan's Cross, we went to an Old House. Paid 50 pesos for entrance fee!

old house
This place was way to creepy for us! Antique figurines and furnitures were all over the place. The care taker provided us those cloth like shoes since they won't allow us to go upstairs if we won't be wearing those.

Next stop was the Taoist Temple. Nice place. Felt like I was at the Great Wall of China.

my friend Anak

Then we went to Lapu Lapu Shrine. Nothing much to do.

We headed straight to the Famous Larsian's. Cebu's famous must-go barbecue place for food and drinks. I think everybody love's this place! They have the best barbeque in town, plus they have this rice wrapped inside the banana leaves. (puso) You can also choose among the piles of meat: skin, gizzard, intestines, liver, chorizo, dried squid, chicken wings, thigh, breast etc,

After Larsians, we headed to the Mactan Airport to go back to Manila.
That's how we ended our 4day/3 nights Cebu-Bohol Tour. 

After checking, our expenses each were 6800 pesos each! Way too cheaper than expected! :D


Charlie said...

Hi, we are also scheduled to go to Cebu & Bohol. 5 din kasi kami sa group. Mabuti pumayag ang taxi cab driver na 5 kayong passengers niya? Ang sabi kasi sa akin bawal yun. Eh plano ko nang mag hire ng 2 taxis just to bring us to the Supercat port and back to the airport. Please give us some advice... Thanks in advance.

aileen said...

Hi sis, okay lang yun. Sinabi namin na 5 kami pumayag naman sila maghatid from airport to hotel, then hotel to port. Pati sa tour 5 din kami. YUng isa nagtatago! :)

Bal Marsius said...

there isn't much to see in the city, unfortunately. cebu is best experienced with its beaches and mountains and people.. ;)

janice merer said...

wow... full of information ang site nato.... buti na lang i saw your ad from diversityhuman.... more tours po...

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