Saturday, March 31, 2012

Davao-CDO-Camiguin Tour (Day 1)

Everyone was excited when we booked tickets to Davao. We will be on vacation for 8 days. Yes! You heard me right, 8 freakin' days! How's that for vacation? My friends work at BDO, so they have this Mandatory Leave for 5 straight days, plus of course, weekends. I was able to save 6 days of Vacation Leaves last year, that's how I was able to pull this off.

Plane tickets via Zest Air bound to/fro Davao was 2500 pesos each person, ( i know this is too expensive), we had no choice, we really want this trip.

March 9 2012

Our flight (Zest Air) schedule was 4:00am. By 2:00am, we already checked-in and paid 200 pesos each for Terminal Fee. Good thing, i didn't have to pay extra charges for bringing my Tripod! (lol) Armed with ipods and psp, we patiently waited for 2 hours. I was hungry that time so I have no choice but to buy food at Cinnabbon (worth Php160).

 tanya, mike and xave

By 5:30Pm, we arrived at Francisco Bangoy (Davao) Airport. We immediately hired a cab going to Matina Aplaya, as we stayed with Tanya's cousin.

davao for the first time (me and my friend mike)

By 6:00pm, everyone was busy getting ready packing things we need for our CDO-Camiguin Trip.
By 9:00pm, we already sitting inside the Bus going to Cagayan De Oro! I already informed my friends that the the trip will be an 8-hour ride.

For the Part 2 of our Davao-CDO-Camiguin Tour, click here. Davao-CDO-Camiguin Tour (Day 2)


avagabondmom said...

I can't seem to click on your other post. Did you stay and go around in Davao, too? :) I hope you did!

aileen said...

hi sis, still doing the next post. you can click on it now thought. :) lol. yes we did stay at davao, we went to cdo-camiguin, stayed overnight, then went back to davao, then stayed there till our last day. :)

thanks for dropping by!

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aileen said...

thanks! :)

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