Saturday, March 31, 2012

Davao-CDO-Camiguin Tour (Day 2) l White Water rafting with Kagay

After an 8-hour ride with the so called Non-Stop Bus, (we actually had 3 stop overs), I was really exhausted. I will never ever sit at the back portion of the bus, ever again. It seems that everything went out smoothly, Mike had the best evening talking to man (?) seated next to him. Bus ticket from Davao to CDO was around 550 pesos.

March 10, 2012
Hello City of the Golden Friendship!

Around 5am, we arrived at Agora Bus Terminal, we thought it was too early, so we ate at Jollibee for breakfast. After that, we were advised to ride a "motorella" going to D-visoria. Fare costs us 8 pesos each, not bad!

xave and mike wandering
When I was doing the itinerary, i was thinking of not staying at Cagayan de Oro for an evening and spend 2 nights at Camiguin . Then I thought, why not have some drinking sessions for the evening, right? :)

 that's the motorella

We know nothing about Cagayan de Oro so what we did was we walked and walked and walked. Turned left and right, left and right, till we found 3 sisters dorm and transient.

 Staying at Three Sister's Dorm and Transient is quite expensive for me but I have no choice but the agree with them. Its already past 6am and we need a room to leave our things as Kagay will be arriving anytime sooner. We paid 1600 pesos for 2 rooms, of course, 800 pesos each room. 

We were informed that they have this rotational brownout  to conserve energy ever since the "Sendong" typhoon. The dorm was using their generator but we can only turn on the lights, so no TV, no AC.

Good thing, Kagay, was on time, they arrived at exactly 7am!

Kagay,  is Cagayan de Oro's premiere whitewater rafting outfitter. They use State Of The Art Rafts (SOTAR) and equipment and offer rafting trips ranging from the beginner’s course – which covers class 1-2 rapids – to advance courses, which cover the more difficult class 3-4 rapids. 
 For more information regarding their rates and services click their link. ( Kagay )

There were 11 guests, (4 of us included) and 4 guides inside the Jeepney.

We went straight to the Macahambus Park, since the other guests availed the Sky Bridge/ Zipline/Rappelling package, which we did not since that will costs us additional 500 pesos per person.

We paid 700 for the beginner course, since that was our first time to try White Water Rafting.
We were given life vests, paddles and helmets. After a brief discussion on what to do, lol, and how to save a "swimmer" ( that't the person who gets the chance to fall down the raft), and how to save our own lives, the adventure began. 

Our guide was Kuya Tata, he was so funny and cool. He tells us stories from time to  time. And his snake joke was so realistic that the girl who joined our group almost jump out of the raft! (scary!)

You can never put a price tag on this priceless moments.  If not for Kagay, i don't think rafting would be that fun and exciting! If i'm gonna go back, ill get Kagay again! Thanks kuya Tata! 

The fun lasted for 4 hours. For 700 pesos, we get to experience this kind of adventure!  We also paid 250 pesos for the pictures. (dvd copy).

We headed directly to our Dorm, washed up and went out to take Lunch. Too bad, the Buffet Restaurant infront was already closed. After that, we went to Kagay's office, paid for our DVD copy, had some drinking sessions with the Kagay Team, and played some billiards.

 After that we went to Lokal Grill that serves the coldest beer in CDO.  I won't recommend dining at Lokal though. We did not enjoyed their food. Price ranges from 200-250 for food. They've got unlimited Halo-Halo too. We had few bottles of beer then afterwards, we went straight to the Dorm to get some goodnight sleep.

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