Thursday, March 1, 2012

km 19 east bar and grill

Last night we went to 19east bar and grill to watch xave's favorite bands Moonstar 88, Typecast, Franco and Hilera

At 8:30pm we arrived and ate dinner outside, overlooking Laguna de Bay. It was so cold last night we need two bottles of beer to drink! lol.

After eating, we went inside. Food and drinks were quite expensive inside the music hall.

Good thing we met a friend, he's actually with the production and he handles typecast and chicosci. When we were about to pay 500 pesos for entrance free, (that's 250 each), he told us it would be for free!!! lol.

We actually paid 1800 pesos for food and drinks. thanks HSBC! as always!

We had a lot of fun, typecast rocks! same with franco! and i so love buwi for parokya ni edgar!!!


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