Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kuya Tatsky and our Bohol City Tour

We woke  up 6:00am to prepare for our Countryside Tour. Good thing I was able to book Kuya Tatsky as our guide for the day! Our tour starts 8:00am but Kuya Tatsky arrived with his brand new Innova by 7:30am! Cool. The Countryside Tour takes an entire day to finish so we need Kuya Tatsky to drive us around the city.

Blood Compact Site - We first started by dropping off the Blood Compact Site located in Barangay Bool, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines.  The blood compact was considered as the First Treaty of Friendship.  It was a treaty of friendship based on respect and equality and most commonly known as Sandugo.

We were there all by ourselves, no othere tourists roaming around so we had a lot of time for photo OPs. lol

Baclayon Church - This church is considered to be the second oldest church in the Philippines. There’s a convent mini museum that contains religious artifacts and relics from the Spanish era.

I wasn't able  to get inside the church. No sleeveless and Shorts allowed.

"Prony" the Huge Phyton -  a 250-kilo, 26 ft. and 30 in. in circumference python, noted as the biggest in the Philippines and is living inside a huge cage.

We were able to hold prony. She is silent, maybe sleeping the entire day. Ahaha..

Marimar - the star of the day. She tells the entire story on how Prony was captured.
She also entertained us by her song and dance performance.  The show was funny. How she perfected her pole dance and lip sync was really amazing!

Butterfly Farm - Bohol is home to some of the best things that nature has to offer. Entrance fee is 20 pesos. The guide will give the basics information such as their life cycle and how the breed.

Tarsier Encounter - Tarsiers are small monkeys (4 to 6 inches tall) with strong tails that enable them to leap 16 feet high and still maintain balance.

You've never been to Bohol if you haven't seen this cute little creatures. Entrance is free, they will just ask for donation.

Loboc river cruise - Lunch time buffet? Floating Restaurant? Choose Riverwatch. They offer yummy dishes! As the raft moves, tourists get to see the sights while enjoying their meals.

Man Made Forest - Mahogany trees cultivated were all over the area. This place is best for peaceful walks. This man made forest is located along the borders of Loboc and Bilar municipalities. A perfect jumpshot completes the tour around this forest.

Chocolate Hills - The signature landmark of Bohol. It was told that these hills were formed out of a giant's tears. Tourists get to see what Bohol has to offer through the Observation deck. It rained and was cloudy that time but still we got good panoramic view of this spot.

Hanging Bridge- If you need the perfect and cheap place to buy Pasalubong like keychains, peanut kisses and t-shirts, then this is for you. One needs to cross the bridge to get to the other side to buy, then cross the other bridge to go back.
Hinagdanan Cave -Another popular spot in Bohol.  A majestic cave that is well maintained by the government of Bohol. An entrance fee of 15 pesos before you enter, but we actually paid 30 pesos since our guide was really good. He even taught us how to set our DSLRs ISO, Aperture and shutter speed to get good pictures inside the cave.

My friend, Anak, wasn't able to get to pass the rocks as she was wearing heels! lol

Bohol Bee Farm - Our last stop was at Bohol Bee Farm, a very cozy and relaxing place on Panglao island that offer organic products. I even bought organic garden salad with Honey mustard sauce. (real flowers!)

Not a minute or even a second was wasted on this tour. We even asked Kuya Tatsky if we can go to a store so we can buy food and water before going home! We paid Kuya Tatsky Php 2300 pesos for taking care of us the entire day!

For Countryside Tour, you may contact Kuya Tatksy at +639223671051.

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CarmisCaprice said...

Hi sis! Nice photos! :) We also availed kuya tatsky's service sa countryside tour! Too bad we skipped the Hinagdanan Cave coz we asked him to drop us off at our hotel in Amarela, Panglao

Followed you through GFC
Pls follow mine too


aileen said...

Sayang sis, maganda sa hinagdanan!

Anonymous said...

magaling nga daw si kuya tatsky!

Mariel said...

Hello! Can I have Kuya Tatsky number? :) How much tour niya? Thank you and Godbless. You can email me at :)

lovelytxt (Annia) said...

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Ash said...

Hello there :) nice trip in Bohol. I would like to ask if I can get the mobile number of Kuya Tatsy? Thanks!

aileen said...

hello ash,

here's the number:

enjoy bohol! :)

aileen said...

hello ash,

here's the number:

enjoy bohol! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! October pa kami mag stay sa Bohol..ask ko lang po if need na magpabook kay Kuya Tatsky as early as now? Thanks!

aileen said...

yes, i would suggest magpabook na kayo kasi palagi silang madaming clients.

And if ever you'll be coming from Cebu, you can ask kuya tatsky if nagbobook pa ng oceanjet tickets yung wife niya.

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