Friday, March 2, 2012

Panglao Accomodation: Dumaluan Beach Resort


Accomodation: Dumaluan Beach Resort
Check in time: 2:00pm
Rate of 5 pax per night: Php785 for fan room. We added Php145 for the TV so thats 945 a day with free mattress!

Non aircon rooms have their own private CR and Veranda. We got the one nearest to the beach and Dumaluan's Grill called DBR Grill. We opted to stay on one of their non aircon room since we just need a place to sleep, wash up and got drunk!


Dumaluan Beach resort shares one of the best stretch of sand with Bohol Beach Club. Yes, we are next to Bohol Beach Club! lol. You just need to jump off to the right side and you get to enjoy their beach too.

I'd say the beach really have nice and fine white sand. I've seen no dead corals when I was there.
I would really recommend Dumaluan Beach Resort at Panglao! 2 thumbs up!



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