Friday, April 13, 2012

Camiguin City Tour l Katibawasan Falls

7. Katibawasan Falls

We're on our last stop, and obviously, its Katibawasan Falls, a 250 feet waterfall at Mount Timpoong in the island of Camiguin. 

Just outside Katibawasan Falls, there's a lot of souvenir shops for t-shirts, magnets and keychains. There were also some stores where you can buy soda and that sugar overload food xave was holding. (see above)
You will also meet "Wowee" the monkey guarding the entrance gate!

under construction
I haven't really enjoyed katibawasan falls since they were working on it, for beautification, i guess, so no one was allowed to swim or to dip on this majestic falls. The water cascades down to the small pool made of rock, which is again, under construction.

Atleast we get the chance to take a lot of pictures. Entrance fee is i think Php10 or Php20! 
They were also putting up some comfort rooms on the side of the falls..

i like!
A trip to Katibawasan Falls in an experience you won’t want to miss.You just need to sit back and relax and enjoy the nature's beauty around you.

Next stop: Drop dead tired l Pabua's Cottages

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Isn’t that sweet of my only son to travel all this way so he can whine about his pathetic little friend? Maybe if I weren’t strapped to my deathbed I could muster up the strength to give a damn.
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