Saturday, April 7, 2012

Camiguin City Tour l Old Church Ruins

3. Old Church Ruins

Third stop was the Old Church Ruins located at Bonbon, Catarman, Camiguin. They said that it was damaged because of the volcanic eruption dated back May 13, 1871.

Standing inside the Old ruins is a small church that serves a house of prayer for the locals of Camiguin.
They said that a volcanic eruption in 1871 wiped out the Spanish settlement of Catarman that was established in 1697.

Our tour guide said the the walls of this church were made of corals. cool! :)

 Too bad it rained that time, we have no time to explore the place more.

The church of the Old Catarman town was destroyed and partly submerged by volcanic debris during the eruption and formation of Mt. Vulcan from 1871 to 1875. Also known as Gui-ob Church, only the ruins of the church and bell tower remains of the old town.

Next stop: the ever famous Sunken Cemetery!

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