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Davao Crocodile Park

March 14, 2012

After almost 9 hour trip from Camiguin Island to Cagayan De Oro to Davao City, we arrived at Matina, Davao City at around 1am. We were so tired that we just cleaned up ourselves then went to bed early.

Everybody thought, atlast! we get some day of rest! But, no! lol. After lunch, we need to visit the famous Davao Crocodile Park.

Davao is not only known for Durian and Pomelo. The city is also known for its Parks like Eden Nature Park and the Crocodile Park. We paid for the entrance fee and was informed that there will be a crocodile show,

We also paid Php40 for picture taking with the yellow snake. lol. Expensive!

More photos:

By 3:00pm, the show started. "Pangil" is one of the major attraction in the park and is the second largest crocodile in the country. He's gonna eat 2kilos of meat.

People at the park enjoyed the show. Apart from crocodiles, there were also monkeys, snakes, birds, ostrich, and a cute little tiger to be found inside. After the show, we went outside to eat some ICE CREAM!

Php50 ice cream

After Crocodile Park, we walked our way to the Butterfly House.

You can never really truly say that you’ve been to Davao if you've never been to Crocodile Park.

Adult - Php 150.00
Kids - Php 75.00

Davao Crocodile Park Complex
Riverfront, Corporate City, Diversion Highway
Ma-a, Davao City 8000 Philippines
Phone: (082) 286 8883 or 286 1054

The boys decided to watch the movie John Carter at SM City Davao. And we decided to go home. We went to Rio's work at MSE infront of SM Davao. When we were about to go home, we decided to drink some beer at Matina Townsquar, their own version of Metrowalk!

KFC (kropek - french fries- chicharon)
 Next stop: It should have been Pearl Farm but we forgot our reservations!
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