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Day tour at Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Samal Island

 March 16, 2012.

Read this and you'll know why this was an expensive day for us!

Pearl Farm Beach Resort is a world-class beach resort in Samal Island off the coast of Davao City. Only 45 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is a hideaway.

Okay, this is our 7th day of vacation. we've been to different places, like cagayan de oro and camiguin, we tried white water rafting with Kagay, tried the coldest beer in CDO, go for the "wet city tour" in camiguin, beach bum at white island, we also visited davao crocodile park and maxima island aqua fun in samal island! therefore, we're running out of budget! boo! xave and i brought Php28,000 and we only have Php7000 left in my pocket.

We were hesitant to go to Pearl Farm Beach Resort since its already Friday and Day Tour costs freaking' Php2500 per person! But then, we're here at Davao, and we definitely don't want to miss Pearl Farm Beach Resort.

When we were still at Maxima Aqua Fun, we asked some locals if they can recommend someone who can take us (by land) to Pearl Farm. They told us that we can ride the motorcycle (habal-habal) or we can ride the tricycle Php400, but we need to walk from time to time since the roads heading to Pearl Farm were unpaved. Due to budget constraints, we chose to ride the tricycle.

We arrived at Pearl Farm Beach Resort by 7:30am (that's almost an hour travel from Maxima Aqua Fun) and they accommodated us.They checked our reservations ( special thanks to Rio for paying our reservations in advanced) and then they sent the service to take us to the front desk.

Upon check in, we were given free welcome drinks (pineapple juice. lol). By the way, we're only on a Day Tour trip.

We had a lot of time taking pictures. Mike and xave went to the other end of the resort only to find out they were playing billiards at the Game Room.

What I loved most about Pearl Farm was the staff everyone was friendly and accommodating. They would always smile and greet us like "hello" or "good morning".
The pool and the beach area was clean and well maintained.

the other pool

 While we went up to check the Hilltop rooms and the fantastic view.

We were advised that Lunch buffet starts by 11:00am-3:00pm. No one is allowed to bring foods or drinks, aside from bottled water. We were so tired and hungry, we haven't even had our breakfast! We had no choice but to wait!

Tanya and I decided to go to Malipano Island, just for the sake of going there and killing our time, its a few hundred meters off the coast of Pearl Farm. Nothing much to do unless you rent the jet ski or swim, in our case we can't since we're waiting for the lunch buffet.

Lunch Time! Beware: A can of coke costs Php95! ridiculously overpriced! lol



I was so full i can't even walk or stand or speak! I felt like i was! i'm not exaggerating. I went to the toilet ( do i really need to include this??) and decided to sleep.

Beware: Boredom kills! As you can see,( see photo above ) by 12:30pm we have nothing to do! We were so bored, we can't go to their "mini beach" or swim to their infinity pool as there were no shades of trees nearby! Too bad, we didn't see thing coming. We felt like we just wasted our entire day, and of course, the money we spent. Feels like we just paid Php2500 for the lunch buffet. I guess, this place is for couples who likes to be alone for a romantic getaway.

By 2:30 pm, we decided to swim since we don't want to waste our hard earned money even if the sun was was too high to burn our skin! We just enjoyed the infinity pool and took a lot of pictures. Aside from that, also need to be on the boat by 4:00pm.

samal suites
samal houses
I would never miss an opportunity to visit Pearl Farm Resort, but, i guess, I've got nothing to rave about. I expected a lot when I read good reviews about this place. Overall, this is a fantastic place, breathtaking views, clean resort, accommodating staff. Kind of overrated, i guess.

I'll definitely come back here, if its FREE!!

Day tour Rates as of March 16, 2012
Monday- Thursday : Php1850
Friday-Sunday: Php2500
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Chyng said...

if it;s free! hehe

may araw din sakin tong pearl farm na to. =)

aileen said...

hi sis!
punta ka na! :)

aileen said...

hi sis!
punta ka na! :)

Fran said...

Dear your blog is so helpful and so genuine. Thanks!

madmader said...

I love Pearl Farm... hubby and I booked an overnight stay thru Asiarooms (we missed the promo at Agoda which was a bit cheaper), but still, at P4.6K+ for a Samal House, with buffet breakfast for two... sure beats a day trip!!! We took the 8am ferry, and even tho' check-in was still at noon, the room was ready by 9:30am. We didn't have lunch there coz we roamed around Samal Island, just dinner, not buffet, but their ala carte dishes were huge and reasonably priced. The buffet breakfast was very good~ and we stayed till 4pm, even if we had to checkout at noon... sulit talaga pag overnight stay! Cheers~

Anna said...

hi, is it ok to just walk in at Pearl Farm Resort for a day tour package? kc prng i read somewhere n mas mabuti daw kun mag-book in advance?

aileen said...

no sis. please please dont forget your reservations ha. and make sure na 8 palang nasa resort office na kayo ng pearl farm kase umaalis yun ng past 8 yata. tapos next trip is 1pm pa. sayang day tour, ganun ngyare samin kaya nagmaxima aqua fun kami before pearl farm.

1850 weekdays. 2500 fri-sun

aileen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
killerfillers said...

thanks for this. hindi na namin try tong Pearl Farm. Wala ba talagang activities dito na for free?

aileen said...

sorry pero wala po eh. You can go naman sa kabilang island swim swim dun. Nothing much to see dun sa island. overrated talaga siya. sayang yung day tour. baka mas enjoy niyo kapag overnight po!

Anonymous said...

Resort lang pala ito, to my dismay,I thought talagang Pearl Farm.

Marky said...

I would just have to say that Pearl Farm is one of the beach resort philippines.

Zummi said...

Wow! This Pearl Farm beach resorts in Philippines looks so refreshing and really inviting. How I wish to visit this soon with my close friends. We will definitely like the captivating ambiance of this place. Thanks

Jane said...

Pupunta kmi ng davao this April 5 at isa sa mga pupuntahan namin ang pearl farm. Kailangan mag pa book? mag lunch lng kmi doon. pwe d bang walk in lng?

aileen said...

hi. yes po. need niyo po magpabook. Kasi sasakay po kayo ng boat nila papunta sa Pearl Farm. :)

Dy Ranchez said...

Pwede po walk -in. Kung inde pwede, pwede mg buffer lunch dun para mkapasyal ng kunti. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Saan po nagsusundo ang boat ng Pearl Farm papuntang resort nila?

thanks po in advance.

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