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Detour: Maxima Aqua Fun, Samal Island

March 15, 2012

We were informed that the first boat to Pearl Farm leaves at around 8:30am. Wake up call was 6:00am. We prepared our things then ate breakfast. Too bad, it was too traffic on our way to Sasa Wharf, Davao City. We arrived there at exactly 8:15am, (cab was Php200), only to find out that we have no reservations. We really thought that we were able to reserved. Another thing is that, the boat already left and the next boat to arrive is 1:00pm. Another day of bad luck!

Our itinerary should be like this:
March 15,2012 - Pearl Farm
March 16, 2012 - Maxima Aqua Fun, Samal Island.

We have no choice but to detour! I immediately called Maxima Aqua Fun if we can still get our reservations. They informed us then that the boat leaves by 9:00am. It was already 8:30 that time and there were no cabs on the way. Sasa Wharf is too far from Sta. Ana wharf! Boo! I talked to the contact person and asked if they can wait for us for 5-10 minutes.
It was sooo traffic and we already lost our hopes. We will be wasting an entire freaking day! I kept on calling the contact person to wait for us. They told us that they will be leaving at exactly 9:10.

We arrived 9:08am! What a blessing! We were also on the same boat TV5! They'll be visiting Maxima Aqua Fun to shoot!
Maxima Aqua Fun is located at Penaplata, IGACOS which is a booming area of Samal because of its close parameter to the wharf. Maxima Aqua Fun Resort does not have a shoreline. Instead it's on a cliff's edge, smoothed down by steps, that extends towards the water, creating a rather dramatic effect during sunset.

 For someone who doesn't know how to swim like me, i was really hesitant to include  Maxima Aqua Fun on our itinerary. My friends just saw this resort while watching Mindanao Channel. lol. so much of watching the television!

They have this really really long water slide, that drops you down 120 feet deep! No! Not in a hundred years i'll be trying this slide! course' i have no plans of dying yet!

I'm still on the right mind, i just had my picture taken for blogging purposes! lol. Xave, Mike and Tanya tried this slide, but not me! Btw, everybody needs to wear life vests since the water is 120feet.

The resort offers well-maintained facilities, safe amenities, good service to enjoy!
 You can try:
Trampoline Slide: A big no no for me!

Diving! A no no for me too! I'm scared of heights!

Kayaking: I can do this but i have no time. It's too hot!

Snorkeling: I enjoyed snorkeling. At first, i was really scared but i have no choice but to enjoy the activities too,right?

You can also rent the Banana boat or go diving or go Parasailing!

our cottage
We paid Php1000 for fan room cottage with veranda. Mike and Xave went to the market to buy fish and pork, hotdogs and eggplant to grill plus the condiments and cooked rice, that's another Php1000, that makes it 500 each for an entire day/night here at Maxima Aqua Fun! And we were also not allowed to bring drinks, they have corkage!

Now Grilling!

Facilities :

Canopy Walk
Tarpulin Slide
Free use of lifevest
Free Tables and Chairs
Clean Comfort Room
Dormitory Rooms

Rates :

  • Entrance Fee
    • Package 1 (Can use all facilities except Canopy walk) - Php 200
    • Package 2 (with canopy Walk) - Php 250
    • Children Rate (2 - 10 years old) - Php 150
  • Others
    • Camping Overnight - Php 350 per head
    • Tent(Good for 3)- Php 350
    • Aquafun cottage(Maximum of 4) - Php 1,800
    • Bigote dormitory - Php 500 per head
    • Jetski - P3500 per hour
    • Jetski with banana boat (max of 6 pax) - P4,000 per hour
    • Banana boat ride (max of 6 pax) - P250.00 per 15 mins.
    • Kayak boat (max of 2 pax) - P300 per hour

 We had a lot of fun staying at Maxima Aqua Fun! More fun and excitement on a budget! I was just disappointed that there was no electricity that night for an hour. Good thing they have generators.

Tip: there's a store at the top, so you need to climb the stairs and i swear that its tiring!


Mymy said...

wow, good travel places to see this summer! i have followed your blog na sis! :)

aileen said...

thanks for dropping by sis! :)

joei ♥ said...

Dropping by from GT :)

aileen said...

thanks sis! :)

makatingpaa said...

hi!! ill be in davao this november.i hope you can accomodate my questions....:) it possible to we go to pearl farm in the morning and go to maxima aquafun at around 4pm?

2. is it safe to travel by land,how about the road?

3. ok ba mga accomodations sa maxima aqua fun? we are 13.. the market near maxima?

thanks in advance!!!

Anonymous said...

enjoyed reading ur blog... cant wait to try davao cdo experience

michymichymoo said...

Nice! Buti pa kayo you have a pic while sliding. I really had fun a Maxima too! :) Can't wait to go back. :)

aileen said...

dapat sis napapicture kayo kila kuya na nag aassist!

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