Friday, April 13, 2012

Drop dead tired l Pabuas Cottages Camiguin

After 8 hours of non stop Camiguin City Tour, we looked for a cheap but neat accommodation for the night.
We went to Paguias Cottages and they offered us a room with two beds for Php1500. Not bad right?
I thought we still need to look for another room, in case, there's more cheaper than Paguias Cottages.

Next to Paguias is Pabua's Cottages, they offered the same amoun, Php1500. Good thing, i was able to haggle for the room with three beds, A/C, small TV and private toilet and bath, price is Php1000. We didn't hesitate to get the room since it was way way cheaper then Paguias!

Everyone was so tired and hungry! We cleaned up first before we went out to eat dinner. I was slightly disappointed since they said they have free Wi-fi. They have, you can connect to the network but it doesn't actually connect to the internet.

Contact Information

  • 9153181045Mobile
  • 883879033Home

  • Rocky Village,Yumbing
  • 9100 Mambajao, Philippines
 Next stop:  White Island, Camiguin

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Pabua's Cottages said...

Thanks for staying with us.
We now also have our own website:

aileen said...

thank you Pabua's Cottages for the information! :)

Jazz De Guzman said...

You have a good cottages. Thank you for sharing this. I would visit this place next month to celebrate my birthday.

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