Friday, April 20, 2012

need money to travel? not really!

Everyone thinks that they need a LOT of money to travel. For me, not really.
On planning a trip, one needs to plan ahead. For me, i read travel blogs, of course, pinoy exchange, female network for travel tips, i ask my friends regarding their experiences and most of all, do an excel of itineraries and budget.

I also send text messages or call the resorts, hotels, inns, cottages for advance booking.

One doesn't need a lot of money to travel. Do your research.

I was able travel to Pagudpud, Vigan and Laoag spending Php2500.
I was able to travel to Anawangin, Capones and Camara spending Php 1300.
I was able to travel to Polilio Island spending Php1000
I was able to travel to Cagbalete island spending 1500 for 2days and 3 nights.
I was able to travel Cebu-Bohol spending roughly Php6000 for 4days and 3nights.
I was able to travel Davao-Cagayan de Oro-Camiguin for php14000 for 8 days!
I was able to travel Baguio City spending Php1500.

Do we really need a lot of money to travel? i guess not!


JhAnEy said...

Your so good in budgeting your money. I also believe that you don't need much money to be able to travel basta di lang maarte at mapili, makaktipid talaga.

aileen said...

thanks for dropping by!
Tama! plan ahead lang naman para makatipid ng wagas!

Anonymous said...

can u make my itinerary come aug... will be spending 3 weeks sa pinas with my 2 kids .. and wala pa kaming sched where to go..

melvin said...

totoo kelangan lang talaga planning.would you believe na konti lang ang difference ng budget mo sa davao-camiguin trip sa naging budget ko when i went to hk?kelangan lang talaga matiyaga mag research

aileen said...

@melvin,ang galing naman! research lang talaga! Target kasi namin is buong Philippines muna ikutin! :)

Donna said...

nice site... gusto ko na rin magtravel soon :D

aileen said...

travel na sis! :)

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