Monday, March 19, 2012

Parokya ni Edgar at 70's Bistro

At first, we were hesitant to go to one of Parokya ni Edgar gigs at 70's Bistro since its a Monday, of course, we need to wake up early to go to work. But I really would love to see them play, ( i really like Chito Miranda and Buwi Meneses).

Both of us came from work so we manage to be at the venue around 9:00pm. 70's Bistro was already full of people that time and it was already standing ovation. Good thing were able to work around and get some space at the bar. (cool!)

Entrance fee was around Php200 and you get a free beer too! (not bad, right?). The first band who performed was The Youth and I was actually outside waiting for my favorite band to arrive.

Around 9:30pm people were swarming outside to take pictures when Gab Chee Kee and Vinci Montaner arrived. Cool. Xave was just as useless as he could be and he doesn't want to go outside to take pictures! (so much of that). Good thing bystanders were very nice to me that one of them asked me if he can take my pictures provide that i take his pictures too. Nice!

At first, we were not able to take pictures since one of the employees told me he doesn't know how to use Dora, my Nikon dslr, so i showed him how to use it first then we go back to Vinci for one last time and ask him if we can take pictures of him!

Next to arrive was, one of my favorites, Buhawi "Buwi" Meneses. He's also a member of Franco ( i also love them!) He was so nice, and oh look! he put his arms around me! i'm gonna die!!! lol!
Then Dindin Moreno arrived, followed by Darius Semana!

I went back inside to get some beer when someone called me and told me that Chito Miranda arrived! I was looking for him and saw him infront of a camera and was being interviewed. Soon as he was finished, I went infront of him and ask him if I can take his picture!

I really loved their performance. They sang all of my favorite songs from the famous "Buloy to Alumni Homecoming to Akala to Pangarap Lang Kita". Everyone, i guess, enjoyed the night!
Too bad, i was at the bar, near the entrance so i wasn't able to get close up pics while they perform.

Fantastic performance! I'll be back at 70's bistro and i swear to get the closest table i can get in front of the stage!

Trivia: I actually asked Chito Miranda while we were outside.
Me: Hey, is it true about you and Neri Naig?
Chito: Yeah.

Confirmed! Lol! I really like Kaye Abad though. :)

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Kaye Carrido said...

Hindi ka rin po mahilig mag-peace sign sa picture e, no? Hehe. :)

aileen said...

hahhaha pansin ko nga din!!!!

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