Friday, April 20, 2012

Travel at Baguio City l Day Tour

Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines, is a well-known tourist spot in the Philippines because of its cool weather, rich tradition and friendly people.

Last december 26, 2010, we decided to visit Baguio City, the City of Pines for a day tour. Yes, day tour! And to reach Baguio City from Manila, we need atleast 4-5 hours ride.

We decided to leave Manila by 11pm via Victory Liner bus at Caloocan. Armed with our backpacks, (and my broken heart, lol!) we went to Baguio City without any hesitation!

We arrived at Baguio City by 4:00am. It was so coold!!! From Victory Liner terminal, we walked our way to Session Road. Good thing we both have sense of direction! Lol. Upon reaching Session Road, by then, we were so tired and hungry so we decided to take our breakfast at Andoks, Baguio!

Alright! To start our day tour, we went the Cathedral, then off we went to Burnham Park! One of the famous park in Baguio City. One can also try boat riding and rent a bicycle to tour the park. We decided to walk around the park, due to some financial constraints (lol).

Baguio Cathedral

Burnham Park

I was so devastated when I saw a lot of trash inside the park. Before, Burnham park was clean and you can really smell the fresh air, but no, it was different.

After Burnham Park, we ride the jeepney via Minesview Park. We dropped off Baguio Botanical Garden to explore the nature! (oh common! i was actually looking for a tree that is really special to me!)

Baguio Botanical Garden

We also bought a lot of keychains and ref magnets as souvenirs.

my friend, anak!
We also tried to go inside the cave. ( scary as ****!) it was too dark for me, good thing i have my flashlight handy!

I was soo tired by the time we finished lurking around Baguio Botanical Garden. Again, we decided to just walk going to Wright Park!

Wright Park

And from Wright Park, we decided to climb the stairs and walk to the Mansion! I was so tired i really want to go home.

The Mansion
anak and her strawberry taho

From the Mansion, we need to walk back to the other side of the Wright Park so we can then ride (did i say ride?) the jeepney going to Minesview Park.

Minesview Park

After taking a lot of pictures, we went to the Good Shepherd Convent to buy the uber delicious Ube jam, strawberry jam, Peanut Brittle and fruit preserves!

Good Shepherd Convent

 After that, we ride the cab going to Anak's relatives so visit them plus it was raining hard that time. We actually took our lunch there. (free lunch, nice!)

By afternoon, it was still raining hard, foggy at the same time. I really can't find the exact right words to describe how my feet wants to leave me behind and get some rest. I can't walk anymore!

We went to SM City Baguio to eat and we stayed at Starbucks (whew!) while waiting for our trip, thats 8:00pm going back to Manila.

anak sipping a hot venti of cappucino

Total expenses incurred for this day trip was Php2300 for 2 pax.
Anak, you know i was having a hard time last year. Thanks for the company.. (choz!)


Shashi said...

I miss Baguio!

aileen said...

thanks for dropping by sis.
I miss baguio toO!

apple said...

Baguio is really one of the best Philippine travel destinations here in the country not just because of the its cold weather but also for its great environment, foods and pasalubong! :D

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