Thursday, May 24, 2012

American Idol Finale: Jessica Sanchez vs. Phillip Phillips


Who's gonna be the next American Idol ? Is it the 16 year old Jessica Sanchez or the juicy (lol) Phil Phillips?
Yesterday, the two finalist faced off and performed three songs each. Simon Fuller chose the first song, then the contestant's favorite song from the season, and lastly, they both picked the song that will become their single if they win the next American Idol.

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For Simon Fuller's selection: Jessica sang "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston while Phil Phillips sand "Stand by Me" by Ben King.

For the second round: Sanchez chose "The Prayer" by Celine Dion and Phillips chose "Movin' Out" by Billy Joel.
For the winning single, Jessica sand "Change Nothing" and Phil sang "Home.

Its down to Philip and Jessica. 
Both deserved to win the crown! (though i like Joshua Ledet more than Phil.heheh) 

Philip is amazing and he plays his guitar with passion while Jessica is by far a better singer but Phil definitely has a Fan Club!! waaaaa......

2 - 1. Jessica got 2 rounds while Phil got 1 round!

Try to close your eyes and listen to both singers and choose who win this competition!

Who will be the Next American Idol? Let's find out later!

**I definitely want Jessica Sanchez to win! :)


Love, Chay ♥ said...

too bad JS didn't win because she's really soooo good at singing. but let's just be happy for phillip. after all, jessica won the hearts of millions and there's a long way ahead of her. =)

anyway, i have a giveaway going on. please join:

thanks. =)

aileen said...

thanks for dropping by sis. onga eh. super sayang talaga..

Anonymous said...

Magkano po entrance fee

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