Saturday, May 5, 2012

the avengers and our new ipod video!

Finally, after weeks of waiting, we watched the much awaited movie of the year.The Avengers! ( a while ago)

First, we went to Digital hub to buy an ipod video classic, 160gb worth 14,400php (whew!!) since we feel that our 80gb ipod video classic is slowly dying on us. What it does was that the songs were being wiped out while were using it! reformat? done. update? done. restore? done.

Anyway, we went and bought 3D tickets worth 300ph that includes free popcorn and drinks.

We were really hungry that we bought classic burger with bacon and cheese at Big City worth 120php each, thats comes with fries. lol

Alright, movie was really great, action packed comedy! i soo like iron man! lol, his sense of humor was fantastic!

The highlight of this event:
i know! i plead guilty of sleeping inside the cinema while watching avengers in 3d. i dunno why, im not tired at all! failed!

i slept while watching sherlock homes 2 at SM Mall of Asia Directors Club.
i slep while watching 3 Harry Potter movies.
i slept while watching Clash of the Titans.
i slept while watching 3000BC.

i love sleeping inside the cinemas! :$


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