Friday, May 18, 2012

How to avail Pag-ibig Multi Purpose Loan

 Alright!!! Been to a lot of places starting February this year till now and yes! my savings were all gone.. gone.. gone.

I need money! Asap! Since i still have tickets to Bohol and Puerto Princesa!! lol. So i thought of a real easy way on how to get few bucks!

I remembered, i'm almost done with my MPL i loaned last last year! Anyway, to avail pag-ibig Multi Purpose Loan, one needs atleast 24 monthly contributions. I availed the loan when i was already working for 4 years and i got around 7000php!!

So, first, if you worked for a lot of companies, you need to have all your contributions consolidated into one Pag-ibig branch, that's your Company's branch, then fill out the form, pass it to your Human Resources department, or for me, I passed it to our Global Benefits department.

If you'll be the one to process theform, like you will go directly to pag-ibig, most likely you will get your cheque within a week, like what i did for the first time! Now, i passed it to our Global Benefits April 25, and got the cheque around may 13. I know. I called pag-ibig and they told me that the cheque was released May 3!!!

oh well! atleast i now got 10,500php! For information, i am already working for 6 years and 3 months!

Encash your cheques thru Landbank and make sure to bring 2 valid ID's!!!

Update: Feb 23,2014

How to avail Pagibig Multi Purpose Loan 2014


avagabondmom said...

I want to loan too, just to use my account because I've heard a lot of scams that idle accounts are being used by somebody else. Tsk, tsk.

aileen said...

yes sis! you get yours na!!

Ellen Watson said...

Now days anyone get loans easily, because money is flowing - regarding loans even people apply for Loan For Holidays

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