Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Residencia Laiya, Batangas

Last March 2012, we had our Workforce team building at Laiya Batangas. And they chose Residencia Laiya for accommodation since we were like 30-40 in the group! (huge crowd. i know right!)

I didn't bothered to ask how much they paid to rent such big house. ( who the hell asks their bosses regarding the budget!hahha!) but i saw this on their account. This might help us to know the budget! lol

Beach House for rent
General information
Set A: All 2nd floor rooms
20 persons maximum capacity. P20,000

Set B: All 3rd floor rooms
20 persons maximum capacity. P21,000

Set C: All 8 rooms or the whole house
40 persons maximum capacity. P55,000

Set D: Rooms only
2nd floor P4500 - Sleeping Capacity 4. Max 5
3rd floor P5500 - Beach view w/ lanai
Sleeping Capacity 4. Max 5
Twin Bed P6000 - Sleeping Capacity 4. Max 6

In excess P500/person

Food Service:
You can bring your own food and cook
You can also avail of RL's food service

2pm Check in. 1pm Check out 

Yeah right! Too expensive! They have a lot of rooms though. The house is great. Squeaky clean! A good place for team buildings! At the back of the house, there's a huge space to do the activities ( we don't have any), or eat together and do your drinking sessions!

Now, there's a catch! LOL! It's NOT a beachfront house!! Honestly, i thought its beachfront because of the pictures i saw on their page. The house is surrounded by other beach resorts around Laiya. The funny thing is, it is next the Punto Miguel ( i blogged about it when we had out team buidling last year!! ) Check out my Punto Miguel post. Therefore, they share the same shoreline! ahahaha!!! The public shore was surrounded by a lot of people and drinking crowd.

 From Residencia Laiya, its a 2 minute walk to the beach (depends on how you walk, of course). Punto Miguel's rooms were even nearer the beach! Coz' at Residencia Laiya we still need to walk past another resort to reach the shore.

We actually rented the whole house and they allowed us to cook (they cook!). I just don't know if they paid any for the use of the gas and the kitchen utensils but i know that they paid 150 for each plate of breakfast. (tapsilog -- beef, rice and egg)

One more thing, there is no Pool. So we have no choice but to go to the beach. And aside from that, the caretakers where everywhere, they where there the whole time. (not that i really care!) I like Burot Beach at Calatagan more! 

Again, I am in no place to complain, this trip is (again..drum roll please!!)FREE!!!


michymichymoo said...

I want to go there!!! :)


avagabondmom said...

I like places that are less than 10 minutes from the beach front. I guess I like it because it's much more peaceful than staying on the front area. And I don't mind walking for a few minutes :)

aileen said...

sabagay. okay naman yung place. yung beach ng laiya dun hindi talaga maganda. :(

Carol Smith said...

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House for rent said...

That house is amazing. May be you can attract good customers.

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