Friday, April 13, 2012

Snorkeling at Giant Clams Sanctuary, Camiguin Island

After 2 months of me, trying to locate my memory card reader, lol. (i guess that's a valid reason for being lazy),i can finally post our experience Snorkeling at Giant Clams Sanctuary, Camiguin Island.

Great! My Olympus tough (yeah right! tough) is dead, 6ft underground! But still, i want to thank you that i still have pictures to post! lol

So, after our White Island experience, our next stop was Giant Clams Sanctuary. Oh well, i really wanted to cross this out from our itinerary, but i already crossed out Ziplining at Dahilayan Bukidnon, as i am scared of heights!)

They told us that there were about 2700 clams in this sanctuary. The beach facing Mindanao is called Kabila Beach. Oh well, they also informed us that we should never put our hands or feet near the mouth of that Clam. The last resort would be to cut your that part of your body to remove it from that thing! lol.

While walking towards the reception area, lol, a small Kubo, wherein you pay 350 i guess, for guide fees and the gears, i was praying, real hard. I kept on telling everyone that i am no swimmer and i'm not a fan of uhmm..errr. snorkeling in the middle of the sea where i know my feet cant touch anything! (nerbiyosa ako! anong magagawa ko!)

After paying, they gave us or lifevests and..thats it! You need to remove your shoes or slippers. Plus you get one guide and one worned out vest, (the styro were sticking out of the cloth! lol) you need to hold the other end while your guide will be pulling you for almost 1 hour in the middle of the sea! Oh my gawd! No boats to help you when you're drowning! lol.

What you see in the middle of the sea!

How would I stay calm with the thought of my foot stuck on those clams?

Snorkeling tip: Don't ever try to breath using your nose! Make sure your gears were tight, again, I'm not a fan of snorkeling, there's this time that a lot of waters' inside the tube of my gear, stupid me, i panicked that i have no choice but to drink sea water and I've done that many times during the course! :) I even thought I'm gonna die! Plus, again, i was taking a lot of pictures when suddenly my camera died.

Atleast, I still have the guts to take my own picture in the state of my own panic attack! Yeah, that's me drinking sea water entering that tube thingy!

Everything down below was great, not just large! huge clams! though i like balicasag more ( not because i can reach the grounds). Such an experience! whew! That time,i told myself, I will never, ever do this again. Maybe, i just need swimming lessons.

After that, we washed up, changed clothes, then went to the Lagoon as we were all tired and hungry!

It was a 101% near death experience for me but overall, I had a great time! But, I'm not that sure if I'm
gonna do this again! (I'm not exaggerating!)


michymichymoo said...

I want to see giant clams up close! :)

Chyng said...

for a moment i was lost, di ko maalala kung san tong giant clams.. yun, camiguin nga! bongga nga jan, colorful and bright! sulit ang byahe =)

aileen said...

i know sis, super tapang mo kase! E nerbyosa ko kaya di ko keri mga ganung adventure. mas okay na yung white water rafting kesa sa giant clams!susme!

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