Friday, May 18, 2012

St. James Academy Batch 2002 -- the Reunion

I've read somewhere (of course, over the internet!!) three reasons why high school reunion should not exist.

1. I will never achieve enough to make my enemies suffer.
2. It will really be awkward to see all those people you had s3x with.
3. Odds are, If I want you in my life, you're already there.

Oh well, Reunions can be meaningful and has a reason, well at least to meet everyone, once in a while, in our case, to meet everyone after 10 years at Perlas Resort, Bulacan. (thank you so much Jeff Tejada, for making this possible)

Teachers arrived late except for Sir James (our Math teacher), Filipino time is Filipino Time. (lol)

 Certificates were given as token of appreciation to those who attended plus a cute mug and some freebies!

I know, the above pic were quite -- fugly. I had my pc reformatted. No applications yet! thanks MSPAINT!
All good things are worth the wait. It was a day full of food, fun and excitement    ( thanks BINGO!)

3rd Prize - USB Flash Drive and Original Philips earphones
2nd Prize - Nokia X1-01 (c/o Vice Mayor Leo Yap)
1st Prize - Nokia Asha 200 (c/o Jen Calata )   ----- yeah!! BIG TIME!!!!

And life is a road that I wanna keep going.. Love is a river, I wanna keep flowing..

recollection- Baguio City
did i say picture??

old school!
everyone on this picture were unable to attend!

Life is a road, now and forever, wonderful journey..

In the end I wanna be standing, At the beginning with you..


I know, this is too mushy and yes, this is still a travel blog.


the 15th dark archangel said...

thank you so much Ai for a wonderful blog entry. i have to hand it to you also. thank you for the support and coming. God bless you and see you soon.

with love,

Jeffry P. Tejada

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