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Snorkeling at Balicasag

After Dolphin watching, the best thing to do is to swim and snorkel at Balicasag Island.

The majestic Cagbalete Island, Quezon

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Guest Post: A letter to Sun Cellular

I am quitting SUN CELLULAR. Check my new post.

A good friend sent a feedback to Sun Cellular just today. 

Sun Cellular,

I want you to read this blog. I think this should go out to your higher officials, since your representatives give the kind of crappy service that they did to my friend.

I know that any one of you doesn't have control over your representatives who may have created Twitter accounts outside of the office, but I would suggest that your I.T. people take a look at each and every computer that your representatives are using, to catch people who log in to Twitter while at work. This is where you can catch those agents of yours who bully and add insults to my friend's Twitter account.

I am also a Sun subscriber, and, based on my own experience, I could only count a few times that you guys give good service. Most of the time, I end up pissed because I don't get what I want. Worst, your representatives become too apologetic, it gets too irritating. I work in a call center myself, and, matter-of-factly, your representatives don't exactly know the meaning of phone etiquette.

Here's the link to the blog:

I hope this goes out to the people concerned. Don't you think it's alarming that a company such as yours have the worst people on board?

Thank you.

Credits to: Jho Boiser

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dear Sun Cellular, your Customer Service sucks!

Note: I created this post as I am really really frustrated with Sun Cellular's service. Please bear with me.

I am quitting SUN CELLULAR. Check my new post.

Dear Sun Cellular,

I started using your network since 2003. After using my sim card for 6 years, you removed the signal and I know I am in no place to complain since it is prepaid and I know for a fact that you don't actually give a damn. Fine. I need to move on even though that's the number I put on my yearbook!

I was actually happy now with my Plan 350 as i get unlimited call and text for Sun to Sun users and free 250 texts to other networks even if you charge me every month for International Texts. Oh well, I keep on telling your Customer Service that I don't even have any international numbers stored on my contacts. I then accepted it and now waiting for my Billing Statement to arrive. I was billed 36.00 last month.

I waited for 6 months so i can apply for a bundle service. I was actually thinking of getting your Blackberry Plan 600 so I can get a new phone plus unlimited Blackberry service but I was informed that its a plan for LOYAL customers only when I called your hotline. Really? For loyal customers only? Ok, Move on.

I went to the Sun Cellular shop and asked if you have Mobile Internet Service plan and they kept on giving me the sun broadband modem. woah! Can't your customer service understand what mobile internet is? Again, really? I'm tired of converting 100 pesos load just to get your data service!

So I called your Hotline again (dial 200) and asked for any other option. I was told by the agent that she will forward my concern to the Sales department and to wait for their call tomorrow.

One of your Telesales agent called me and happily told me that i have a pre approved Pocket Wifi to bundle with my existing plan. Okay, I listened. He told me that they will give it to me for 799 instead of 899 plan with no cash out. Okay, i'm interested.. The agent said that he will send me an email that i need to fill up and give it to the courier sending the package. And if i'm not at home, I just need an authorization letter and a photocopy of my Id and the person receiving the package.  He also informed me that soon as I receive the package, i just need to wait for 24-48 hours. (*excited mode*)

June 7,2012. I was rushed to the hospital ( this is a different story) so i was not able to receive the package. My cousin told me that the courier needs my government ID. oh crap! The agent should have told me that in the first place. So I had my cousins look for my passport.

June 8, 2012. They got the package at home, I'm still at the hospital, I advised my cousin to bring my Sun Cellular Pocket Wifi to me,

June 12, 2012. I called your Hotline and asked why I still don't have any signal on my wifi. I was informed by your agent that they will create a ticket number. Oh crap. I heard that numerous times and i'm not that stupid to believe your ticket numbers!

June 13, 2012. I called again to follow up for my case number. For Christ's sake! it has been 6 days since we received the package and yet it doesn't have any crappy signal. I have no time to play your games and I needed to talk to a supervisor. Your agent told me that all Supervisors where busy. WTH! Again, i don't believe on any single word your CSR's told me. No Team Leaders on the production floor?? really?? I was put on hold for 1 freakin' hour then  your agent hung up on me. I then again called, then wasted again my 25 precious minutes talking to your nonsense Customer Service Representative. Ended up?? Follow up with another department. I was advised that someone will call me the next day. I even tweeted and posted on your Facebook page!

should this evidence suffice?
1 hour on hold!

June 14, 2012. Called customer service by noon, I was being redirected by your IVR sh*t to the Billing Department. Hello Management?? What are you doing in front of your computers. Painting????

Soon as I get a hold of an agent, they informed me that they will need to follow up to another department. Woah! Here they go again, wasting my precious time! I informed them that i will cancel the bundled service and hey, sun cell, you may get your device here at the hospital coz' i am not wasting any of my time going to any of your service centers!

One of the sales agent called me around 6:00pm informing me that they will be calling me (again) tomorrow for follow up! WTF! Are you gonna turn it on or not??? She told me that it was the courier's fault! Okay! Pass the Hat time! Then again, I don't believe any single word you say. Even if i am so frustrated, i still told the agent that i'm gonna wait till tomorrow. No service, cancel all my plans and i am not paying even a single cent for this. You wasted my time. That's my payment.

And oh, have i told you that I am still here at the hospital using your prepaid broadband modem that gives me 9.21kbps of download speed??

I am so satisfied with your service. I'm gonna wait till tomorrow.If not, cancel it. I'll go with GLOBE!

Update: June 15, 2012. I received no call. I checked twitter and found a lot of spam from sun cellulars dummy account saying bad things about me. Do you really need to say those things to me? Really rude. Obscene Language? That's a shame to your company! How can you say those words to your paying customers? Or before you hire your employees can you atleast have them take psychological tests??
And by the way, i have no complains with my plan 350! Its the 799 Pocket wifi dumb pis o' sht! Tell that to that rude admin of your twitter page!

How did i know it was you? I talked to you guys last night!

I called again and asked for a Supervisor, Lawrence Manahan. He was really nice, I can admit that. He promised to investigate the twitter issue and told me that someone will be calling me be 1:00pm to update me with the activation.Nice 1 hour call again!

Its already 1:30pm yet no one called me. Super! I called back again, waited on queue, talked to one of your agents, put me on hold again while transferring to the Supervisor (19minutes) then BOOM! Call got disconnected. Then again, i called you back.

Don't ever ever do this to any of your customers again! You have that company because of us! Treat us the best way possible! And please, train your employees to be nice to us, your customers! As long as we pay, they get paid! This is impossible.

Update: So after i published this post, Sun Cellular admins created another twitter Username. Nice. Btw, you can create a LOT of different usernames to Spam my twitter account all you want. the hell i care but please, stop tagging my friends. They're busy! I talk to people the same way they talk to me and I've never been harassed my entire life and to think you are my freakin' SERVICE PROVIDER!

Last time i checked I am your Customer and i have the right to complain because of your crappy Customer Service!


Update:  June 22, 2012. One of your supervisors called me and said that this complaint already reach the VP of the company. Is that true? Guess not. He also informed me that your IT Technicians were already more monitoring all your agents. But what about those admins that keeps on pestering me and my friends and using twitter at home?? Aren't you gonna do anything with this?

Anyone who knows if the Anti-Bashing Law were approved??

I am very much overwhelmed how your agents manage to take the time creating all these usernames just to bash-harass-whatever me and all my friends.

To the admins of Sun Cellular's twitter account, I would like to commend you. For the third time, you created another username. The screenshot below was one of my friends' reply to @sellerme (new username)

Now they deactivated the username again. Very good! Looking forward to another username! :

Is this really how SunCellular treat customers? If yes, then you can now close your company.
These were my friends tweet to @sellerme (new username of @suncelltweets)

I may have said stupid words that might've offended some of you, i'm sorry, but then again, try to put yourselves on my position. How would you feel? And yes, I am just one subscriber. You may or may not  believe me.
I am taking this to your Main Office and NTC.
To the President or the CEO or the COO or whatever of this company, please get good people. They're taking you down! This is ridiculous!

A friend sent a feedback to SunCellular just today.

 Sun Cellular,

I want you to read this blog. I think this should go out to your higher officials, since your representatives give the kind of crappy service that they did to my friend.

I know that any one of you doesn't have control over your representatives who may have created Twitter accounts outside of the office, but I would suggest that your I.T....

To continue reading this letter click: : A letter to Sun Cellular

Sincerely yours,
Maid in the Philippines.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sing Something | My latest Iphone App

Yesterday, i was on the twitter world and saw someone posted: "Who wants to Sing Something?" and I thought. "whoa! what was that??" so i searched the App Store and found Sing Something Application and boy, it's freakin' free! Downloaded it in an instant and played it immediately! Yay!! So cool!

You can login using a new account by registering your email address or login using your facebook account!

This application can improve your voice! lol. Players can choose a friend or randomly select other players to play with, when it's your turn, you get to select a song from a set of three options. You record it then send it to your friend to guess it! heheh!!!

This application can help you, not to get bored when on the road, most especially when travelling! Download it now and enjoy the new version of karaoke!!(TW57HTEHB2RA)

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