Friday, June 22, 2012

Guest Post: A letter to Sun Cellular

I am quitting SUN CELLULAR. Check my new post.

A good friend sent a feedback to Sun Cellular just today. 

Sun Cellular,

I want you to read this blog. I think this should go out to your higher officials, since your representatives give the kind of crappy service that they did to my friend.

I know that any one of you doesn't have control over your representatives who may have created Twitter accounts outside of the office, but I would suggest that your I.T. people take a look at each and every computer that your representatives are using, to catch people who log in to Twitter while at work. This is where you can catch those agents of yours who bully and add insults to my friend's Twitter account.

I am also a Sun subscriber, and, based on my own experience, I could only count a few times that you guys give good service. Most of the time, I end up pissed because I don't get what I want. Worst, your representatives become too apologetic, it gets too irritating. I work in a call center myself, and, matter-of-factly, your representatives don't exactly know the meaning of phone etiquette.

Here's the link to the blog:

I hope this goes out to the people concerned. Don't you think it's alarming that a company such as yours have the worst people on board?

Thank you.

Credits to: Jho Boiser


Johanne Boiser said...

naks! salamat at na-post mo rin dito sa blog mo yung letter na ginawa ko.

inis lang din ako sa kanila for you. as i said nga sa letter ko, bilang lang talaga sa daliri na they give good CS. most of the time talaga, worst.

Anonymous said...

Last July 13, I went to the sun shop in victory mall to inquire about my renewal of mobile plan subscription and plan upgrade, JEFF, the sun personnel who assisted me told me that I can file my application with them from JULY 15, 2012 onwards. So last night JULY 16, 2012 instead of going home straight after work, I went to SUN SHOP VICTORY MALL (which is reverse way to my home) to apply for the RENEWAL of my PLAN. To my dismay, the SUN personnel named KEN (JEFF is on restday) told me that I cannot yet sign for the application that time and the earliest possible date that l can submit my application is on JULY 20, 2012. I ask him if he can do something about it since I was already there, but his reply is on the negative. I also ask him if there is a manager on duty and if he have relayed my concern to the manager. He said YES that there is a manager and he have already relayed my concern but same with his response, I still cannot submit my application form with them until JULY 20. It was just irritating and a bit annoying how they treat their LOYAL customers, since I was already there; I was expecting that I could be accommodated so my effort would not be wasted. Now I’m already thinking if I will still continue my application with SUN, or should I switch to GLOBE?

Anonymous said...

Grabe naman pala talaga etong sun na nga nka ialang tawag na ako sa customer service dahil may tawag ng tawag saken na di ko complaint n q on line use less....tskkk....dapat talaga d n aq umalis s globe....

Anonymous said...

Lagi p walang signal...umulan lang ng konte eh...wala ng signal...minsan the whole day p...

Anonymous said...

Bought a new sun sim, ngload pra mkpginternet, d mactivate so i tried calling the number given, ring lng ng ring! omg! Super layo nla s Globe..syng s time and money..useless!

Anonymous said...

Recently nagkaproblema yung pocket wifi ko (walang signal) and I called their customer service - I usually ask their technical people to ask for assistance. This time they give me incident report number and they told me that they will attend to my concern - they will check whats wrong. I follow-up since noone calls me back - and then sabi nila wala namang problema sa signal - dalhin ko na lang sa shop - sa isip-isip ko "ok" - sayang nga lang yung isang araw na pagaantay - then ganon din pala - pupunta din ako sa shop.
Dinala ko sa shop yung unit, and they assessed n me problema nga, and they advised me to bring to a certain shop for repair - at my expense - since nag-lapse na yung 1 year service warranty. And I asked them - really its my expense? sabi ko - its really unfair for me. And they keep on telling me - yun po kasi yung nasa kontrata. This is UNACCEPTABLE. Sa loob-loob ko mag-insist kau na nasa kontrata if nakakapagdeliver kau ng service. Is it iyon ang principle ng contract - one party will perform a particular service - then the other will pay. Remember, that the cause of my extension is the availment of wifi (2 years extension versus 1 year service warranty - guys be aware of this) and now I will pay (until next year) them as is - without the satisfaction of service - sabagay nasanay nko na ganon sila. Minsan iniisip ko hayaan ko na ma-past due ako- then i-block list nila ko - but I take good care of my name. I hope you Suncellular - take good care of your name too - masyado kaung unfair!

aileen said...


Ganun nga, wala ng warranty after 1 year.

you can read my other post. kakasama ng loob talaga.

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