Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sing Something | My latest Iphone App

Yesterday, i was on the twitter world and saw someone posted: "Who wants to Sing Something?" and I thought. "whoa! what was that??" so i searched the App Store and found Sing Something Application and boy, it's freakin' free! Downloaded it in an instant and played it immediately! Yay!! So cool!

You can login using a new account by registering your email address or login using your facebook account!

This application can improve your voice! lol. Players can choose a friend or randomly select other players to play with, when it's your turn, you get to select a song from a set of three options. You record it then send it to your friend to guess it! heheh!!!

This application can help you, not to get bored when on the road, most especially when travelling! Download it now and enjoy the new version of karaoke!!(TW57HTEHB2RA)


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