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Snorkeling at Balicasag

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Puerto Princesa, Palawan City Tour

Our first stop was Baybay, Palawan's own version of the "Baywalk in Manila".  It is also located near Plaza Cuartel and Immaculate Conception Cathedral. It was around 2:00pm and it was near empty since it was really hot and shades were limited.

Next stop was Plaza Cuartel. The tour guide also informed us that we only need to smoke on the designated areas. Peeing on the walls is also prohibited. Lol to the man we saw peeing on the wheel of his truck! hihi!

Plaza Cuartel is located near Immaculate Conception Cathedral. It is a restored ruins where Japanese Soldiers burned 143 American prisoners inside the tunnel. The tour guide told us that 10 prisoners survived.

PBB Teens??
 Just outside Plaza Cuartel is Immaculate Conception Cathedral.  The statue of the patron saint of Palawan, the Immaculate Conception is also an added attraction for the tourists.

Next stop was the Souvenir Shop which I won't really recommend. Aside from old T-shirt designs, sales ladies were just sitting and laughing while we find ways to get our t-shirt sizes plus they actually don't know the exact prices of what they sell.

 After that, we went to the Crocodile Farm. Same old crocs! I'll just add pics. lol. Of course, we saw lots of crocodiles.

Nature Park.

Note: SPELL - E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D.

Please.. I need the EXIT.

Let's give time for some bearcats and crocs!!

 After that, we went to Mitra's Ranch a triangular-shaped mansion on a hill overlooking the view of Honda Bay Islands.

We enjoyed the picnic grounds and the wonderful view!

1-2-3 jump!

After few minutes, we visited the famous Baker's Hill and bought a lot of hopia and bread!

Don't forget to experience the taste of Tamilok (a wood worm i guess..) it tastes like i can't describe, and it is smelly so don't forget to put some vinergar!

After Baker's Hill, we went to another Souvenir shop then headed back to the hotel to rest and wash up!
So by dinner, we went to just a local food store  (in short karinderya) to eat since we spent a lot on our Lunch. For dinner, we spent around 500 pesos for 7 pax.

We decided to drink beers that's why we went back to Balinsasayaw Restaurant. Too bad, the hotel doesn't permit Drinking and Eating inside the room!!!

Yes, all of us are Red Horse beer lovers. We drank few, uhmm, 16 bottles i guess. After getting drunk, we're all tired that we decided to rest since we need to wake up at 6:00am the next day for our Honda Bay Island Hopping tour!

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Travel guide to Puerto Princesa, Palawan and La Villa Princesa Hotel

I was really excited when we booked our flights to Puerto Princesa, Palawan ( booh! excitement kills!) via AirPhil express for 2500 to and fro. yes, i know, its expensive but hell yeah! who cares! I get to travel with my bff's most especially with a friend who gets her first trip out of Luzon Island ( via plane) hahah! You know who you are! lol

Planning stage. I browsed a lot of forums looking for the best itinerary for a 3D/2N vacation in the country's largest City rich in natural resources, Puerto Princesa! Well of course, where else would I look but PinoyExchange and Girltalk!

One of the pexers, Ms. Tiara has a travel agency located at Palawan. I actually talked to her last year for my Solo trip but due to budget constraints.. nevermind! I then again called her for updated tour rates. Yes, I know i should've DIY this tour but we're on a large group and i guess, P4300 worth of trip is okay for us.

Airport Transfers
Hotel Accomodation for 3D/2N (i requested for just 1 room for more bonding moments.eeek)
Daily Breakfast ( 3 pcs of toasted bread, small amount of butter and jam), a sunny side egg and a coffee.
Tours and Lunch.

April 13, 2012.

To start the day, soon as we arrived NAIA Terminal 3, we saw Jay of Kamikazee outside. Then, at the check-in counter we sa Gloc-9, Urbandab, and of course, Parokya ni Edgar! (teehheee). I was so excited that I immediately found Buwi sitting on the (yes, had some pictures too). He said they were bound to CDO for the T5.

There's always a first time, and yes, my first AirPhil express ride. And, I still find ZestAir and Cebu Pac FA's prettier than Airphil's. lol! Hey,  im just sayin'. I'm fugly but i'm not an FA. (defensive!). We had a smooth ride, Anak always gets her window seat, and Jes had her first time. hihihih..

We arrived at Puerto Princesa around 9:30am, waited for the luggages and looked for the tour guide that will transfer us to our Hotel.

Left to right: Anak, Mike, Tanya, Jessica, Xave and Renan
We stayed at La Villa Prinsesa Bed and Breakfast, located along Manalo Extension, just 3 minutes away from Puerto Princesa Airport and 5 minutes away from the downtown.

At first, I was actually wondering how would we fit inside a Family Room since we were 7 in the group. But the room they gave us was WOW! It has 3 queen sized bed and a Single bed. 2 were downstairs and 2 upstairs. Yes, it has mezzanine. The room also has 2 flat screen TV's, AC, Private Toilet and Bath and a veranda and free Wi-Fi too!

La Villa Prinsesa Rates:
Check-in time is 2:00PM and check out is 12:00 noon.

STANDARD ROOM –PHP 1,400 per night
(Good for 1 to 2 persons)
1 Double Sized Bed, Private Bath with Hot and Cold Shower, 1 hp Split Inverter Air-Conditioned Units, 32 inch LCD TV, set of toiletries

(Good for 6-7 persons)
Down : 1 Double and 1 Single Size Bed
Up : 2 double Size Bed and 1 Single Bed
With Private Bath with Hot and Cold Shower, 1 hp Split Inverter Air-Conditioned Units, 32 inch LCD TV, Private Veranda, and set of toiletries

Rooms were Cambodian inspired (they said..) with modern art pieces. Looks new to me as we can still smell the paint,and that's a big no no for us. We even see plastic bags of charcoal hiding below the stairs. It's hard to breathe, it stinks and its hurting our eyes! But overall, we loved our room!

Its 10:30am when we arrived at the Hotel. We fixed our things and rested for a while. Around 11:00am, we went to a nearby restaurant they call Balinsasayaw. Good thing, it;s just a 1 minute walk.

So we ordered this and this and this and this....

Bulalo. Kilawin. Pork Sinigang. Crispy Pata. Pork Liempo. Eggplant Ensalada and Adobong Kangkong which is not in the picture. lol. Food's worth around P1600 for 7 pax! Heavy eaters.

After lunch, we went back to the Hotel to rest and waited for the tour guide to arrive. Teehhheee!!!

The van arrived around 1:30pm to start our first day itinerary! Puerto Princesa Half day City Tour.

Baybay (Baywalk)
Plaza Cuartel
Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral
Souvenir Shop (not recommended)
Crocs Farm
Mitra's Ranch
Baker's Hill
Souvenir Shop

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