Pearl Farm, Samal Island

a world-class beach resort in Samal Island off the coast of Davao City. A perfect place for couples and honeymooners

White Island, Camiguin

a white sand bar and ideal for swimming.

Snorkeling at Balicasag

After Dolphin watching, the best thing to do is to swim and snorkel at Balicasag Island.

The majestic Cagbalete Island, Quezon

A simple island that offers peaceful and relaxing weekend getaway.

Cagayan de Oro

Experience the thrill of White Water Rafting at Cagayan de Oro with Kagay

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cebu- Bantayan Island - Bohol Escape l Yooneek Beach

We booked a room at YOONEEK Beach Resort. Yooneek Beach Resort is a 7-airconditioned rooms resort at the heart of Santa Fe, Bantayan Island. It offers superb picturesque  seaside of aquamarine waters, beautiful and pristine. One can have the perfect view of sunrise and sunset! You can read/view their website here: YOONEEK Beach Resort.

We reserved the Standard Room (Aircon, Balcony, Seaview), i saw in the website the price was 1690Php but when I called they said it's already 1890Php. No no! I'll get what i saw on the site so yes, they gave in. The room was good and clean. 2 queen sized bed, private CR and small kitchen. There's no TV inside the room but that's fine since we're here to enjoy the place.

bed number 1!

cooking not allowed!
I was disappointed. There was no 3G network. ahhaha. and not sure but Yooneek's wifi was not working. lol. Oh, never mind. I was surprised by the people's hospitality. The lady who accomodated us was really nice.

 It was 8:00pm when we decided to go out of the room and had our dinner. We ordered Beef Caldereta, Pork and Chicken Adobo, Crispy Liempo and 2 platters of rice! The food was also delicious and decent!

crispy liempo

beef caldereta
 After that, we got bought beers and crackers and we decided to drink by the sea. It was really cold that night. There were also huge waves since it was raining for the past couple of days. After we finished everything, off we go to bed.

yes, they're not gays

Haven't I indicated that I was confined at the hospital for 9 days? My back was still aching when I was on tour.
Early morning, we woke up and enjoyed the beach. I wasn't able to swim because again, my back still hurts and it was really cold that time. I just enjoyed my breakfast and coffee.

i know, this was edited from my iphone. my only picture. lol

By around 10:30am, Rick's cousins arrived with motorcycles since we planned we're gonna visit them. We hired motorcycles for 150 to bring us to their place. We had our lunch there too! Ohh i so love seafoods!!

Too bad we were not able to visit OGTONG cave.

By 2:00pm, we checked out since we need to catch the last boat going back to Cebu proper. lol. We paid almost 3500php all in including the accomodation and food expenses.

That was one helluvah ride! It was scarier than going to puerto galera. There were HUGE HUGE waves!! My gawd!

When we arrived, good thing there was CERES AIRCONDITIONED Bus of to North Bound Terminal. We also dropped by BOGO City to buy food and drinks for another 4 hour ride. I bought this (kakanin) made from corn and margarine steammed and wrapped in corn skin.

Oh well, I had so much fun!

For the first part of our Cebu-Bantayan-Bohol Tour click here! 

Cebu- Bantayan Island - Bohol Escape: 2012

Another promo fare from Cebu Pacific. I was sleeping (peacefully) when they called and told me that they booked me a flight to Cebu this coming June 30. Oh no! I still have my Davao-CDO-Camiguin tour to think about. And here comes, Cebu. BooO! I need a salary increase!! grrrr!
(that was last february)

Fast forward, today is August 22. (like everyone cares) Let's say it June. My manager (who booked me, can't make it. My supervisor was now pregnant can't make it too.) So its just me, eve, rick, glen and janice. (they're with me when we were stranded at Cagbalete)

Our flight is 10ish am. We arrived at NAIA terminal 3 at around 9:30am and used Cebu Pacific's self service check-in. Woo! That  was way way cooler than falling in line  to check in. lol. More wait, we charged (our phones), thanks NAIA! and went to the nearest you know store to smoke (w**ds). (of course not!stupid)
Alright, it was Glen's first time to ride the plane. lol. We enjoyed Cebu Pacific's game. (since they gave out prizes too bad they didn't called me to answer)  There was this man in front of us snoring. When it was time to answer the question he woke up and was called. booo!!!! damn!

what's going on?
So we arrived, (of course we did!) we hired a cab and dropped of at CnT Lechon restaurant. Cool. The taste of Cebuano. Lechon at its best! Ahaha.
We ordered a lot. Can't even remember what are those but we shell out 150 each. We're a group of 5.

cebu lechon at it's best
After our sumptous lunch, we immediately took another cab going to North Bus Terminal and took a read: NON-AIRCONDITIONED BUS to San Remigio. Awesome! As expected, it was a bumpy bumpy 4.5 hours ride! ( i was at the back seat ). As of this moment, i really don't want to imagine what i've been through!

By the time we arrived at the port, the last boat off to Hagnaya was leaving by the next 30mins. Just in the nick of time! It was getting dark and it started raining! The ride was scary. There were huge waves!! Boo!! The boat was 150 more or less as we were on the airconditioned room watching Katy Perry's concert. ahaha! Of course, don't forget the environmental fee!!

It was dark when we arrived at Bantayan. I texted the resort to inform of our arrival and they fetched us, and yes, it's free.

Yooneek Beach Resort, Bantayan Island.. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bonifacio High Street for the first time.

I traveled to some parts of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and I hate to admit it but yes, this is my first time here at Bonifacio High Street. I'm used to just going to Luneta Park! hahaha. ♥

I and anak were broke so we can't dine in to those expensive restaurant's like Texas Roadhouse Grill, or Mini Shabu-Shabu, or TGIF's that's why we decided to eat at BonChon. Yes!, the price is right!

Anak enjoyed her chicken sandwich box while i ordered the same old mix and match i've been eating for the past years. lol.

PS: There's something with mobile blogger that I don't know but i can't add notes below the last picture.

there's always a first time
so they have that here. lol

my food lol
Anak and her chicken sandwich box

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Zark's Burger at Vito Cruz, Taft Avenue

So we decided to dine in at Zark's Burger located at Vito Cruz, Taft Avenue. We arrived at around 1:30pm, fall in line, and waited for 1 1/2 hour before we got our orders!

We ordered 2 Jawbreakers worth 250php each. Triple quarter pounder cheeseburger topped with 2 slices of spam, bacon, lettuce and tomatoes with hand cut fries! oh so freakin' delicious!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Underground River Tour l Palawan Tour day 3

Our very own Puerto Princesa Underground River was chosen as one ofr the New7Wonders of Nature! Cool! Of course, it is a  must that we visit the ever famous Underground River!

This is the third part of our 3days and 2nights tour at Puerto Prinsesa Palawan, c/o Ms.Tiara and  her Travel and Tours!

1. Our package tour was worth 4,300 per person.
2. It includes, Hotel Transfers, La Villa Princesa Bed and Breakfast accomodation for 7pax, Half day city tour, Honda Bay Island Hopping and Underground river tour.
3. Honda Bay island tour includes Lunch meal.
4. Underground River tour with Buffet Lunch.

Alright so we were picked up at around 7am i think. It was a 2hr drive going to the site. We had one stop over so they can eat and we bought some OFF lotion. Too bad it was raining so hard we need a raincoat! Boo! Costs us 100 pesos each! Soon as we get to the site, we took a boat going to the Underground River. What i saw was just fascinating and breathtaking! It's really more fun in the Philippines!

We signed our names at the registration and got our permits. We were also given life vests and hard hats.
 After that we waited for few minutes before we got into our boat with outriggers to take us inside the cave. Nice! They were really organized! Our boat guide was just hilarious! It was too dark inside the cave and we were only using a big flashlight connected to a car battery, (I guess?). Xave was the one holding the light since we were the ones in front.

It was really amazing, how those rocks were formed over a hundred or even thousands of years. No one was allowed to hold anything inside the cave since they don't want any acid on those stalactites and stalagmites. lol The cave was interesting most especially those rock formations and bat vaults!

I really love every single detail of this cave. It is really a must to experience the beauty of nature at Palawan.

of course, im the photographer.

After taking a lot of pictures, we went back to the site and ate our free lunch buffet. Food was good and tasty, but don't expect a buffet like the ones at Circles or Spiral or Dad's. lol.

After lunch, we went to Ugong Cave, it was called Ugong because it makes a sound when knock on it. Hmm.. given that my friends were KJ (read: Kill Joy) only i and tanya paid Php200 each for Spelunking. So we went inside the cave, and boy! it was so tiring! We had to bend and climb! I was watching my back since i have sacroiliitis. If i had known i need to be more flexible for this, i should've stayed!

Oh well, I already paid. hahha. No choice. So we walk, bend, climb, walk, bend. Soon as we get, (almost!) to the top, we need to climb with the rope. I can't. I got backaches and was confined like 2 weeks before this tour so Tanya was alone up there and waited for her.

Soon as we finished, we went back to the hotel to pick up our things. We arrived around 2:30pm and it was already our check out time. The hotel let us stayed but they need to move our bags to the reception area. We had no choice but to clean up using their public bathroom but that was okay for us.

Our flight was delayed due to weather so we just finished our "Call me maybe" video.

I would really like to thank Ms. Tiara ( of pex and girltalk) for the tour. I would really recommend them! :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Share: SSS unveils calamity relief package for affected members

The Social Security System (SSS) has announced a calamity relief package that offers early release of pensions, eased-down loan terms, and an extended payment period to help members affected by widespread floods caused by heavy southwest monsoon rains.

SSS President and Chief Executive Officer Emilio de Quiros, Jr. said the package covers members in calamity areas officially declared by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), which include affected cities and municipalities in the National Capital Region; Bataan, Pampanga, Zambales and Bulacan in Region III; Laguna in Region IV-A; Culion, El Nido and Linacapan in Palawan in Region IV-B; and other areas which may be declared by the NDRRMC.

"The various provisions in the SSS relief package will help affected members and pensioners to recover from the disaster, rebuild their homes, re-establish their source of livelihood and attend to their immediate needs such as food, clothing, shelter and health care," he stated.

Firstly, the package includes a three –month advance in pensions for pensioners residing in declared calamity areas. Those who apply on or before August 31, 2012 will get their October, November and December pensions, while those who apply after August 31 until September 30, 2012, will receive their November, December and January 2013 pensions. Applicants must submit a certification of residence coming from their Barangay Chairman. "Under the relief package, retirement, disability and survivor pensioners who applied for advance release of pensions will get their pensions through checks. However, the 13th month pension will still be given in December so that they can still look forward to a bonus at the end of the year,” the SSS chief explained.

Meanwhile, employed, self-employed and voluntary members affected by the floods can apply for an SSS Salary Loan, as long as they have at least 36 months contributions, including six monthly premiums paid within the twelve-month period prior to loan application. Members with at least 72 months contributions are eligible for the two-month salary loan.

“For those with existing salary loans, we have opened the Salary Loan Early Renewal Program or ‘SLERP’ to enable them to renew their loan ahead of the prescribed two-year period,” de Quiros said. “The sanctions imposed under the current Loan Penalty Condonation Program will be lifted and the loan’s service fee of one percent will be waived.” The SLERP is open for application until September 30, 2012.

“For members whose homes were damaged by the floods, the interest rates of our Direct House Repair and Improvement Loans are now lower by two percentage points. Under the calamity relief package, the applicable interest rate will be six percent per annum for loans P400,000 and below, and seven percent for loans over P400,000 up to P1 million,” de Quiros explained. “Since it takes time to put together the required documents, members have until June 30, 2013 to avail themselves of the Direct House Repair Loan.”
Finally, the SSS extended the payment deadline to August 15 for members in affected areas whose cut-off date for contributions and loan amortizations falls within August 7 to 14. The extended deadline applies to all members whose 10-digit SS number ends with "1" or "2.

“We recognize the devastation that the monsoon rains have wrought on our countrymen. As the state institution in-charge of their social security, we aim to provide our members with some comfort and relief in these times of calamity, so that they can get back on their feet as soon as possible,” de Quiros affirmed.

Honda Bay Island Hopping experience day l Palawan Tour day 2

After getting exhausted during our Palawan City Tour and getting drunk that night, we woke up at around 5:00am to prepare for, which we believe, another tiring day, our Honda Bay Island Hopping experience. We then ate our free breakfast ( at La Villa Prinsesa Bed and Breakfast), composed of 1 sunny-side-up egg, 3 pieces of bread, butter, pineapple jam and coffee!

last night's drinking session

We were picked up at around 6:00am (i guess?? or 6:30am perhaps) can't even remember,darn! And by the way, the tour was included on the package we got from Ms. Tiara's Travel and Tours.

Note: Make sure to bring/ rent snorkeling gears to enjoy this tour. The tour guide asked us if we have, of course we don't. :) So we stopped by a rental shop, and rented snorkeling gears worth 150php. Too bad, the waterproof camera case costs Php250 so, never mind. lol.And don't forget to bring your bread to feed the fishes. We even brought one pack of bread we bought at Baker's Hill! Sosy!

Okay, time to ride the boat.

Our first stop was, PAMBATO REEF. We were informed that they called it "Pambato Reef" since they see it like "TUBBATAHA REEF" located in the Sulu Sea of the Philippines. 
It was raining that day, but the heck, everyone jumped and started snorkeling. We were also not allowed to feed fishes, so we just enjoyed it. Jes went back since she panicked. (chicken!) Not sure if that was her first time to try snorkeling. lol. 

Our second stop was at "STARFISH ISLAND". White sand and shallow water with lots of starfish around the island was enough for us. We decided not to swim since we were all hungry so we just enjoyed the breathtaking view and took a lot of pictures while waiting for our Lunch.

Lunch time!!!

Last stop was "PANDAN ISLAND". This is one of the best snorkeling spot they have. You can just take a dip and throw pieces of bread and fished will literally go near you. Jessica enjoyed this place since she was able to learn how to snorkel. 

We bought some Buko Juice to quench our thirsts.The rest decided to take a bath back at the hotel.

The trip was okay. It's just that it wasn't a bright sunny day and we weren't able to see a lot of fishes and corals most especially at Pambato Reef.  The best part of the Tour was our lunch at Starfish island. It's one of the best! 

Soon as we arrived at the Hotel, around 6:00pm, we rested for a while, made our very own "Call me maybe" video then we went back to Balinsasayaw Restaurant for another drinking session.

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