Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cebu- Bantayan Island - Bohol Escape: 2012

Another promo fare from Cebu Pacific. I was sleeping (peacefully) when they called and told me that they booked me a flight to Cebu this coming June 30. Oh no! I still have my Davao-CDO-Camiguin tour to think about. And here comes, Cebu. BooO! I need a salary increase!! grrrr!
(that was last february)

Fast forward, today is August 22. (like everyone cares) Let's say it June. My manager (who booked me, can't make it. My supervisor was now pregnant can't make it too.) So its just me, eve, rick, glen and janice. (they're with me when we were stranded at Cagbalete)

Our flight is 10ish am. We arrived at NAIA terminal 3 at around 9:30am and used Cebu Pacific's self service check-in. Woo! That  was way way cooler than falling in line  to check in. lol. More wait, we charged (our phones), thanks NAIA! and went to the nearest you know store to smoke (w**ds). (of course not!stupid)
Alright, it was Glen's first time to ride the plane. lol. We enjoyed Cebu Pacific's game. (since they gave out prizes too bad they didn't called me to answer)  There was this man in front of us snoring. When it was time to answer the question he woke up and was called. booo!!!! damn!

what's going on?
So we arrived, (of course we did!) we hired a cab and dropped of at CnT Lechon restaurant. Cool. The taste of Cebuano. Lechon at its best! Ahaha.
We ordered a lot. Can't even remember what are those but we shell out 150 each. We're a group of 5.

cebu lechon at it's best
After our sumptous lunch, we immediately took another cab going to North Bus Terminal and took a read: NON-AIRCONDITIONED BUS to San Remigio. Awesome! As expected, it was a bumpy bumpy 4.5 hours ride! ( i was at the back seat ). As of this moment, i really don't want to imagine what i've been through!

By the time we arrived at the port, the last boat off to Hagnaya was leaving by the next 30mins. Just in the nick of time! It was getting dark and it started raining! The ride was scary. There were huge waves!! Boo!! The boat was 150 more or less as we were on the airconditioned room watching Katy Perry's concert. ahaha! Of course, don't forget the environmental fee!!

It was dark when we arrived at Bantayan. I texted the resort to inform of our arrival and they fetched us, and yes, it's free.

Yooneek Beach Resort, Bantayan Island.. 


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