Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cebu- Bantayan Island - Bohol Escape l Yooneek Beach

We booked a room at YOONEEK Beach Resort. Yooneek Beach Resort is a 7-airconditioned rooms resort at the heart of Santa Fe, Bantayan Island. It offers superb picturesque  seaside of aquamarine waters, beautiful and pristine. One can have the perfect view of sunrise and sunset! You can read/view their website here: YOONEEK Beach Resort.

We reserved the Standard Room (Aircon, Balcony, Seaview), i saw in the website the price was 1690Php but when I called they said it's already 1890Php. No no! I'll get what i saw on the site so yes, they gave in. The room was good and clean. 2 queen sized bed, private CR and small kitchen. There's no TV inside the room but that's fine since we're here to enjoy the place.

bed number 1!

cooking not allowed!
I was disappointed. There was no 3G network. ahhaha. and not sure but Yooneek's wifi was not working. lol. Oh, never mind. I was surprised by the people's hospitality. The lady who accomodated us was really nice.

 It was 8:00pm when we decided to go out of the room and had our dinner. We ordered Beef Caldereta, Pork and Chicken Adobo, Crispy Liempo and 2 platters of rice! The food was also delicious and decent!

crispy liempo

beef caldereta
 After that, we got bought beers and crackers and we decided to drink by the sea. It was really cold that night. There were also huge waves since it was raining for the past couple of days. After we finished everything, off we go to bed.

yes, they're not gays

Haven't I indicated that I was confined at the hospital for 9 days? My back was still aching when I was on tour.
Early morning, we woke up and enjoyed the beach. I wasn't able to swim because again, my back still hurts and it was really cold that time. I just enjoyed my breakfast and coffee.

i know, this was edited from my iphone. my only picture. lol

By around 10:30am, Rick's cousins arrived with motorcycles since we planned we're gonna visit them. We hired motorcycles for 150 to bring us to their place. We had our lunch there too! Ohh i so love seafoods!!

Too bad we were not able to visit OGTONG cave.

By 2:00pm, we checked out since we need to catch the last boat going back to Cebu proper. lol. We paid almost 3500php all in including the accomodation and food expenses.

That was one helluvah ride! It was scarier than going to puerto galera. There were HUGE HUGE waves!! My gawd!

When we arrived, good thing there was CERES AIRCONDITIONED Bus of to North Bound Terminal. We also dropped by BOGO City to buy food and drinks for another 4 hour ride. I bought this (kakanin) made from corn and margarine steammed and wrapped in corn skin.

Oh well, I had so much fun!

For the first part of our Cebu-Bantayan-Bohol Tour click here! 


michymichymoo said...

This is my target for my next Cebu trip. :)

apple said...

Cebu is really one of my favorite place here in the Philippines. Such a great place with kind people, delicious foods and stunning beautiful beaches.

Philippine Travel

aileen said...

i know sis! next is malapascua or camotes naman! :)

Marky said...

Given a chance, I would love to visit this philippine beach resort! Looks so fun!

zummi01 said...

Wow! sobrang na enjoy ko ang pagbabasa ng post mo. hehe...your photos also was great and you did a best shots. We are planning to visit visayas on July and I think I have now an idea if what simple yet worth resort is ideal for our team. Thank you for this.

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