Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Honda Bay Island Hopping experience day l Palawan Tour day 2

After getting exhausted during our Palawan City Tour and getting drunk that night, we woke up at around 5:00am to prepare for, which we believe, another tiring day, our Honda Bay Island Hopping experience. We then ate our free breakfast ( at La Villa Prinsesa Bed and Breakfast), composed of 1 sunny-side-up egg, 3 pieces of bread, butter, pineapple jam and coffee!

last night's drinking session

We were picked up at around 6:00am (i guess?? or 6:30am perhaps) can't even remember,darn! And by the way, the tour was included on the package we got from Ms. Tiara's Travel and Tours.

Note: Make sure to bring/ rent snorkeling gears to enjoy this tour. The tour guide asked us if we have, of course we don't. :) So we stopped by a rental shop, and rented snorkeling gears worth 150php. Too bad, the waterproof camera case costs Php250 so, never mind. lol.And don't forget to bring your bread to feed the fishes. We even brought one pack of bread we bought at Baker's Hill! Sosy!

Okay, time to ride the boat.

Our first stop was, PAMBATO REEF. We were informed that they called it "Pambato Reef" since they see it like "TUBBATAHA REEF" located in the Sulu Sea of the Philippines. 
It was raining that day, but the heck, everyone jumped and started snorkeling. We were also not allowed to feed fishes, so we just enjoyed it. Jes went back since she panicked. (chicken!) Not sure if that was her first time to try snorkeling. lol. 

Our second stop was at "STARFISH ISLAND". White sand and shallow water with lots of starfish around the island was enough for us. We decided not to swim since we were all hungry so we just enjoyed the breathtaking view and took a lot of pictures while waiting for our Lunch.

Lunch time!!!

Last stop was "PANDAN ISLAND". This is one of the best snorkeling spot they have. You can just take a dip and throw pieces of bread and fished will literally go near you. Jessica enjoyed this place since she was able to learn how to snorkel. 

We bought some Buko Juice to quench our thirsts.The rest decided to take a bath back at the hotel.

The trip was okay. It's just that it wasn't a bright sunny day and we weren't able to see a lot of fishes and corals most especially at Pambato Reef.  The best part of the Tour was our lunch at Starfish island. It's one of the best! 

Soon as we arrived at the Hotel, around 6:00pm, we rested for a while, made our very own "Call me maybe" video then we went back to Balinsasayaw Restaurant for another drinking session.


michymichymoo said...

Ganda! Can't wait for January! :)

aileen said...

You're going to Palawan sis?
Naku enjoy! :)

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