Thursday, August 16, 2012

Underground River Tour l Palawan Tour day 3

Our very own Puerto Princesa Underground River was chosen as one ofr the New7Wonders of Nature! Cool! Of course, it is a  must that we visit the ever famous Underground River!

This is the third part of our 3days and 2nights tour at Puerto Prinsesa Palawan, c/o Ms.Tiara and  her Travel and Tours!

1. Our package tour was worth 4,300 per person.
2. It includes, Hotel Transfers, La Villa Princesa Bed and Breakfast accomodation for 7pax, Half day city tour, Honda Bay Island Hopping and Underground river tour.
3. Honda Bay island tour includes Lunch meal.
4. Underground River tour with Buffet Lunch.

Alright so we were picked up at around 7am i think. It was a 2hr drive going to the site. We had one stop over so they can eat and we bought some OFF lotion. Too bad it was raining so hard we need a raincoat! Boo! Costs us 100 pesos each! Soon as we get to the site, we took a boat going to the Underground River. What i saw was just fascinating and breathtaking! It's really more fun in the Philippines!

We signed our names at the registration and got our permits. We were also given life vests and hard hats.
 After that we waited for few minutes before we got into our boat with outriggers to take us inside the cave. Nice! They were really organized! Our boat guide was just hilarious! It was too dark inside the cave and we were only using a big flashlight connected to a car battery, (I guess?). Xave was the one holding the light since we were the ones in front.

It was really amazing, how those rocks were formed over a hundred or even thousands of years. No one was allowed to hold anything inside the cave since they don't want any acid on those stalactites and stalagmites. lol The cave was interesting most especially those rock formations and bat vaults!

I really love every single detail of this cave. It is really a must to experience the beauty of nature at Palawan.

of course, im the photographer.

After taking a lot of pictures, we went back to the site and ate our free lunch buffet. Food was good and tasty, but don't expect a buffet like the ones at Circles or Spiral or Dad's. lol.

After lunch, we went to Ugong Cave, it was called Ugong because it makes a sound when knock on it. Hmm.. given that my friends were KJ (read: Kill Joy) only i and tanya paid Php200 each for Spelunking. So we went inside the cave, and boy! it was so tiring! We had to bend and climb! I was watching my back since i have sacroiliitis. If i had known i need to be more flexible for this, i should've stayed!

Oh well, I already paid. hahha. No choice. So we walk, bend, climb, walk, bend. Soon as we get, (almost!) to the top, we need to climb with the rope. I can't. I got backaches and was confined like 2 weeks before this tour so Tanya was alone up there and waited for her.

Soon as we finished, we went back to the hotel to pick up our things. We arrived around 2:30pm and it was already our check out time. The hotel let us stayed but they need to move our bags to the reception area. We had no choice but to clean up using their public bathroom but that was okay for us.

Our flight was delayed due to weather so we just finished our "Call me maybe" video.

I would really like to thank Ms. Tiara ( of pex and girltalk) for the tour. I would really recommend them! :)


michymichymoo said...

Now I'm excited to go to Palawan! :)

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