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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Salary Loan Early Renewal Program l SSS LOAN

Atlast, I just received my SLERP Check today! I filed it last week of August, check was generated last August 29 and it's already September 19. Holy cow!

Anyway, I'm still happy that I am a few bucks richer than yesterday! Too bad I forgo to bring my Passport ID so i can encash it trough Philippine National Bank (PNB). They're strict you know!

 I just had a Salary Loan that started last January 2012. With SLERP, i was able to renew my loan.
Computation would be,my last remaining balance from my Salary Loan was be deducted to my SLERP Loan, since i already have 74 contributions, it's quite okay for me.

For more SSS Information:

SSS ID: How to Apply and Get an SSS ID?

SSS Website and Membership Login

Share: SSS unveils calamity relief package for affected members

 Maid in the Philippines just got richer! lol



SSS Website and Membership Login

I already blogged about how to apply for an SSS ID. Now, I'll be giving a preview on their website and membership information. (always file for SSS Loan, money goes through my travel funds) hehehe.

SSS website: Just go to :
Membership Information: You need to register to access your account information.

Once you registered, you can type in your USERID and PASSWORD then click submit and you will be redirected to this page:

You will see your information like your name and SSSID, it will also give you a prompt for your password expiration date.

Now, if you click on UPDATE PROFILE, you will see this:

You can update your Address, City/Province, Postal Code, Contact number and Email Address.

Once you've updated your profile, you can now change your password.

Let's skip Online Inquiry for now.
If you click on Appointment system, you file for an appointment using the calendars. Red marks for Not available dates and Green for available dates.

For Transactions, you can choose Salary Loan Application, Maternity Notification or Submission of Contribution Collection List (H3)

Now, if you are having problems with your Loans, you can file for a Loan Condonation too.

Now, let's go back to Online Inquiry Tab.If you click on it, that's where you see your Static Information

You will see your SSS Number, Date of Birth, Date of Coverage, Latest employers name, Coverage etc.

Under Member Info, you can see your actual premiums, how much contributions you have!

You can also click on Benefits Tab, Loan Status to check for your past and present Loan.

You will see your details, date of check release, amount of Loan, type of Loan. I actually applied for the SLERP Loan (Salary Loan Early Renewal Program) the last time we had Habagat.

You can also check your Premium payments, Eligibility and Documents too.

Register now for more SSS updates! :)

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