Friday, December 28, 2012

PHEWTICK Application: is it LEGIT or SCAM?

Alright so last night, my friend Leo was talking about this crazy app (he got this info from his friend who lives in Singapore) and asked me to join and earn some moolah! Interesting right? But i totaly forgot to download it!

So earlier, everyone here, who uses smartphone has downloaded PHEWTICK! my gawd, they already earned like Php200 for just one night. Now, that is something..$$$$

All you need to do is meet new friends, scan QR codes using your smartphone then record it. Voila! Instant money!!

photo credits: phewtick

Here's are some useful photo's for first timers! (yes, i downloaded it immediately after seeing them earning $$$$!!


  Upon downloading, you will be asked to connect your PHEWTICK to your facebook account.

You will be using the camera button to scan QR codes to your friend's mobile! And you can scan their QR codes every hours, yes, you heard me! Every hour!!!

You can also send messages to your friends.

You will see nearby meet-ups too!!

And i already earned Php199.45 since 7:00am today!

Now, if you scan QR codes without reaching an hour you will see this:

So we still need to wait for 4 more minutes!

OMG. I only got 22 points. Earlier, i was able to get 1400 points from the same person.

There are some questions that crossed my mind:

1. If you only need Phewtick to earn money, why bother to get a job? lol
2. What do they (Phewtick) get out of this, if they really pay?
3. How do they earn the money then?

More info:

1. I can't download Phewtick using my Tablet.
2. Points are randomly given.
3. You need a Paypal account to cash out ( again, if this is legit)

You can check their Facebook page, some really earns money!


 And some were mistakenly accused of Fraud! so beware! Do not join any Facebook groups that frauds the QR Codes!

Now, is PHEWTICK legit or a scam!?

We'll soon find out! :)


Anonymous said...

It is legit in fact i have made cash outs already...try mo ulit gumamit then visit PHEWTICK PHILIPPINES on facebook then post ur code there para mascan ka namin...when it gets bigger depending sa points mo...that's the time pwede ka na magcash out...btw im Yza Reyes then pm me in facebook if u have further questions ha...God bless

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