Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 1: Tans Guesthouse Accomodation, Boracay Island

I already posted about the guide on how to go to Boracay from Kalibo Airport. So one shouldn't get lost. lol

December 30, 2012

photo credit: Son Martillan

It was almost evening, i guess, we were at Caticlan port, rode a tricyce, paid 20 pesos and we were dropped of at D'Mall. For around 2-3minutes walk, we arrived at Tan's guesthouse. We reserved a Family room good for 8-10 pax, (we were actually 12), it was 8,500 for an overnight stay. Quite pricey but hey, it's December!

 The room was huge, it has a private T/B, kitchen, tables and chairs and another shower room plus 5 queen sized beds. We just rented another mattress, not sure if it's 300 or 500 pesos.

After we fixed our things, (we already had dinner on the rode c/o Mcdonalds drive thru) we looked for a cool place to drink and chill. We walked along Station 2. There's a LOT of people and it was fun!


At last, we found Charlh's Bar and ordered 3 buckets of beer, sizzling sausage, 2 platters of fried chicken wings and a free Crispy Pata care of Odil. We paid around 300 each for the night.

photo credit: Jen Acedera
photo credit: Jen Acedera
photo credit: Jen Acedera

Finally, we doze off for the night.

**excuse my photos. they were only  taken by my iphone. some photos were grabbed. :)



Sashi said...

Hello po! ask ko lang ung na avail nyong room, meron kayang Cable channels yung TV? we're planning to book Tans this summer kasi eh. :)

aileen said...

hi sashi!

Yes, meron po! :)

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