Sunday, January 6, 2013

Travel Guide to Boracay from Kalibo Airport to Caticlan

My travel buddies (most i've known from Pinoy Exchange)  invited me to spend the New Year's Eve at Boracay. And who doesn't want that experience? I'm not gonna miss it, definitely. So they booked me one way ticket via Cebu Pacific, Manila to Kalibo, i guess that was around Php1100. After few months, AirPhil had their promo and we booked our Kalibo to Manila flight that was worth around P880. Not bad right?

And yes, we had a wonderful time.

 So, how does one get to Boracay from Kalibo Airport to Caticlan?

First off, the entry point is coming from Kalibo International Airport. Once you get outside, there's a lot of Buses and Vans bound to Caticlan. We were 11 pax that time and we paid Php175 each including the boat transfer from Caticlan Jetty Port to Cagban Jetty Port (Boracay Port) .

Travel time was around 2 hours since we had to or actually need to Drive Thru at Mcdonalds which cost us 45 minutes of our time.

Once we arrived at Caticlan Jetty Port, we paid Php75 for Terminal Fee and Php75 for Environmental Fee. That's a lot i know!!!

Just present the tickets and ride the Boat! Trip was just about 15-20minutes.

caticlan port
 Once you arrived at Cagban Jetty Port, all you need to do is ride the tricycles and pay the, Php20 each and as them to drop you off at the location closest to your resort/accomodation. And for us, we were near D'Mall.

boracay port

And say hello to Boracay!!

**no fancy cameras/dslrs. photos were taken by my ever loyal iphone. :)


hAkiLita said...

hi, do you have any hotel recommendations where you have stayed in boracay. :)

aileen said...

hello sis, sa tans guesthouse and villa simprosa kami nagstay! :

Anonymous said...

U may also check the "La Carmela de Boracay" it's near at D'Mall Boracay (Station 2)..they have promos..

Boracay TV said...

Great article, you hit the nail on the head.

This process is actually really easy, sounds daunting but it is not.

Simply walk across the road from the airport and get a quick tricycle to the ferry terminal (3 minute ride). Once at the ferry terminal get a 15 minute ferry ride to Boracay.

I put together a quick 3min video showing everything that really seems to help people, it covers cost and shows you exactly where to go and what to expect, view it here -

Hope this all helps

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